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Journey is an artistic indie game developed by Thatgamecompany and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2012. It is an emotional and mystical experience, where you control a robed character in a vast desert filled with ancient ruins and floating cloth strips. The game lacks instructions, dialogues, or narratives, and yet, it manages to convey a profound and uplifting experience throughout its enchanted landscapes. In this blog post, we will review the mechanics, graphics, and themes of Journey and explore what makes it such a remarkable game.

The gameplay in Journey is minimalistic and intuitive. You control the robed character by pushing the joystick in the desired direction and using two buttons to jump, fly, or interact with the surroundings. The character can whistle to activate glowing glyphs, summoning pieces of cloth to create bridges, stairs, and pavilions. These cloth strips act as the primary collectible in the game, allowing you to explore hidden paths, reach distant heights, or glide through the air.

The graphics in Journey are breathtaking and imaginative. The game boasts smooth and fluid animations, vibrant colors, and stunning scenery. The desert stretches out as far as the eye can see, with sand dunes, rock formations, and ruins dotting the landscape. The dynamic lighting system brings the scenery to life, casting shadows, reflections, and glare in a realistic and yet mystical way. The cloth strips, in particular, are a highlight of the game’s visuals, swaying and flowing in the wind, reacting to your character’s movements, and creating mesmerizing patterns.

The themes of Journey are spiritual and emotional, touching on themes of companionship, self-discovery, and transcendence. The game’s lack of dialogue and narrative allows the player to interpret the story in their own way, depending on their experience and emotions. The robed character represents the journey of life, encountering different obstacles, and overcoming them with courage and determination. The other characters you meet along the way represent companions and guides, helping you in your quest and adding a sense of connectivity and togetherness to the game.

The music in Journey is a defining aspect of the game, composed by Austin Wintory, an award-winning composer. The score is symphonic and evocative, blending orchestral, choral, and electronic elements into a unique and unforgettable soundtrack. The music is closely tied to the game’s themes and emotions, enhancing the player’s immersion and connection to the world of Journey.

In conclusion, Journey is an extraordinary game that manages to convey a profound and uplifting experience through a minimalistic and intuitive gameplay, stunning and imaginative graphics, emotional and spiritual themes, and a mesmerizing soundtrack. It shows that video games can be more than just entertainment; they can be a form of art that touches the soul and lifts the spirit. We highly recommend this game to anyone who seeks an enchanting and unforgettable journey through the desert of life.

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