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Nov 1st, 2023


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Stranglehold is a game that may not be on the top of everyone’s list when they think of third-person shooter games. However, this is a game that definitely deserves a chance. Developed by Midway Studios – Chicago and Tiger Hill Entertainment and published by Midway Games in late 2007, Stranglehold is a well-crafted game that features intense action and an engaging story.


Stranglehold is a sequel to the 1992 Hong Kong action film Hard Boiled and stars Chow Yun-fat as Inspector “Tequila” Yuen. The game’s storyline captures the essence of the movie with a unique blend of action and drama. The plot revolves around Tequila’s pursuit of a criminal organization and the rescue of his kidnapped daughter. The narrative is well-written and keeps players engaged throughout the game. Stranglehold also features the addition of a bombastic musical score that intensifies the action and drama.


Stranglehold’s gameplay is fast-paced and acrobatic, with the emphasis placed on the game’s unique Tequila Time feature that slows down time and allows for precision shooting. Tequila Time is triggered by killing enemies with style, such as sliding on tables or jumping from balconies. The game’s destructible environments add an extra layer of enjoyment as explosions and debris fly everywhere, creating an immersive experience that is as spectacular as it is satisfying.


Stranglehold is Midway’s first game to use Unreal Engine 3, which allowed for incredibly detailed and stunning graphics. The game’s visuals still hold up today with highly detailed character models, environments, and destructible objects. The game’s use of cinematic camera angles and action-packed set-pieces are a visual treat.


Stranglehold is a game that has a lot of replayability. The game has several different modes, including Time Attack, Barrage, and Challenge mode, which keeps players coming back for more. Stranglehold’s multiplayer mode also received positive reviews and adds an extra layer of excitement to the game.


Stranglehold received generally positive reviews from critics and sold over a million units worldwide. The game’s uniqueness and John Woo’s involvement in the development of the game set it apart from other third-person shooter games of its time. Stranglehold’s critical and commercial success paved the way for the development of other unique video games that borrow elements of popular movies.


In conclusion, Stranglehold is a game that deserves a spot in everyone’s video game collection. The game’s engaging storyline, fast-paced gameplay, beautiful graphics, and replayability make it a game that is worth revisiting even after more than a decade. Stranglehold’s legacy as a game that successfully captured the essence of a beloved movie while still being a great game in its own right is a testament to its quality. So if you’re looking for a game that oozes style and action, give Stranglehold a try, and you may just be surprised at what you find.

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