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Nov 8th, 2023


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For cricket fans, there is nothing more thrilling than being able to play their favorite sport on their gaming consoles. And one game that is still revered by cricket enthusiasts is International Cricket 2010. Developed by Codemasters, this game was released back in 2010 as the successor to Ashes Cricket 2009. International Cricket 2010 introduced many innovative features that were a huge leap forward from its predecessor.

Action Cam

One of the standout features of International Cricket 2010 is the “Action Cam” perspective, which allows players to enjoy cricket from a third-person viewpoint. This feature gives gamers a better understanding of the game’s intricacies, and it makes for more immersive gameplay. Also, batters can choose where to gaze when running between the wickets, look around the field to aim, and tap their bat to get ready, making the game more realistic and engaging.

Power Stick

The “Power Stick” is another innovative feature that gave batsmen complete control over the power and placement of their shots in all 360 degrees. This feature made the game more competitive, as players could now create craftier shots, and could also portray individual styles, which was not possible in earlier cricket games. By giving players complete control of their bat, the Power Stick became an essential and outstanding feature for gamers.

The inclusion of Major Tournaments and Players

International Cricket 2010 featured the four major limited overs tournaments – World Cup, Champions Trophy, World Twenty20, and the Indian Premier League, providing fans with an authentic and real-feel gaming experience. The game had all the star players from various teams, and the effort put in their creation was evident in their appearances, playing styles, stats, and overall look. This feature allowed gamers to create dream teams or give a shot to their favorite team’s winning combination.

Realistic Bowling Options

International Cricket 2010’s advanced AI made the bowling experience much more realistic for players. The game’s bowling mechanics were attentive to the various bowling styles, giving a unique experience and challenge to the game. The bowlers’ actions became more contextual and then followed by the expected reaction. The genuine bowling strategies against the computer became the remarkable feature for the game, which made the game more fun and engaging.

David Lloyd Commentary

Finally, David Lloyd’s commentary received massive praise in International Cricket 2010, which was licensed by the ECB and Cricket Australia. David Lloyd was known for his wit, humor, and exciting commentary, and the game complemented these attributes. Each commentary sounded spontaneous and added a genuine sense of excitement and immersion to the game.


International Cricket 2010 was a revolutionary cricket game that was ahead of its time. Its numerous innovative features, including Action Cam, Power Stick, and Realistic Bowling Options, provided gamers with a heightened experience of the sport. The game’s commentary and inclusion of major tournaments and players also made it a standout game. Even today, more than a decade after its release, International Cricket 2010 remains one of the most memorable cricket games ever made, and if you are a cricket fan, it’s a must-play.

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