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Oct 20th, 2023


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Tennis games have always been a popular genre among gamers worldwide. Grand Slam Tennis 2 developed by EA Canada brings us a revolutionized gaming experience. Launched on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, this sequel to Grand Slam Tennis features a total racquet control system, with an emphasis on precision, accuracy, and power.

Grand Slam Tennis 2 is a tennis simulation game like no other, introducing the total racquet control system, relying on the right analog stick. This sophisticated system makes every shot different, allowing players to hit the ball in a variety of ways – spin, lob, slice, or drop shot. The control system adds a new dynamic that truly immerses the player in the game and makes it an unmatched experience.

The game features all four Grand Slams, including Wimbledon, and offers players a chance to compete against the world’s top tennis players. The game’s Career mode allows players to create their own tennis player and take them to the top of the rankings. Players need to earn points from matches, and these points can accumulate to boost their ranking. Every major tournament poses a new challenge, and winning them unlocks rewards.

Moreover, Grand Slam Tennis 2 features an exhaustive tutorial system that caters to both new and experienced players. The tutorials assist the player in mastering the game’s controls and provide an in-depth understanding of each shot. The game offers impressive gameplay mechanics, replicating the experience of being in a real tennis match. Players can hear the crowd cheering and see the ball leave their racquet with precision as they enjoy the game.

The game’s graphics are another point of praise. The player models are realistic, and the courts are designed precisely, as in real-life. With the crowd cheering and the commentators offering insightful commentary, the game creates an immersive atmosphere.

Although the game doesn’t support Kinect, it supports the PlayStation Move. Players can enjoy the game with an improved level of control and immerse themselves fully in the game.

Grand Slam Tennis 2 is a tennis simulation game that revolutionizes the genre with its innovative gameplay mechanics such as the total racquet control system. The game’s Career mode allows players to take their tennis player to the top of the rankings, making the game feel authentic. The tutorials and immersive game mechanics ensure that the player feels like they are in a real match. Overall, Grand Slam Tennis 2 is a must-play for tennis and simulation game enthusiasts alike.

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