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“FIFA 17” is a popular football sports game in the “FIFA” series created by Electronic Arts. It’s the first version in the series to use the Frostbite engine, which improves the graphical aspect of the game. It was released in September 2016 and has impressed fans with new features and gameplay. One of the special features of the game is a new story mode called “The Journey.” In this mode, players take on the role of a young footballer named Alex Hunter who has joined Manchester United’s training program. Alex aspires to be a professional footballer like his grandfather and dreams of reaching the peak of the Premier League as a talented and versatile striker. In the game, you can select any Premier League club and play as a right-winger, left-winger, central attacking midfielder, or striker. You’ll also have the opportunity to encounter well-known players from other clubs, including James Rodriguez, Marco Reus, and Harry Kane.

The most significant change in FIFA 17 is the introduction of a new story mode called “The Journey”. In this mode, you get to take on the role of up-and-coming footballer Alex Hunter, as he works his way through the ranks to become a professional footballer. You’ll experience Hunter’s journey from his youth academy days to his first team debut for Manchester United, and beyond, including international matches and even the FIFA Cup. The Journey is a refreshing addition to the standard gameplay in FIFA and adds a new dimension to the game, engaging both long-time and new players.

Additionally, FIFA 17 introduces a new engine, the Frostbite engine, which enhances game graphics, and makes player movements more realistic than ever before. The Frostbite engine is the same engine used in other popular games, such as the Battlefield series, which means the graphical effects are stunning. The lighting, movements, and physics effects all make gameplay more dynamic and engaging.

The gameplay mechanics in FIFA 17 have also been improved to offer an even more realistic feel. The ball control and player movements are more refined and smoother than in previous versions. The set pieces are more engaging, and penalty kicks are now more challenging to execute, giving players more of a sense of accomplishment when they score.

Whether you’re a fan of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, or any of the other Premier League teams, FIFA 17 has you covered. In FIFA 17, you have the option to play as your favorite team or customize your own team from scratch. You can also choose to play as a range of positions, such as striker, midfield, left- or right-wing even goalkeeper. Additionally, you can create your own team from scratch, selecting players from around the world, and joining leagues from different countries.

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