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May 17th, 2023


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When EA Sports announced that FIFA 16 would include women’s teams, it was met with mixed responses from fans worldwide. Some were excited about the change, while others were skeptical and wondered how it would affect the overall gameplay. The good news is that the game features both male and female teams in a seamless and effortless way. Players control the female players using the same buttons and controls as the male players. In addition, the gameplay is designed to mimic real-life soccer, no matter the gender of the players.

Another new mode in FIFA 16 for women’s teams is the Online and Offline Friendlies mode. You can now play with your friends and family members in tournaments using the female teams as well. The introduction of female teams has also resulted in enhanced customization options. For instance, players can now customize their female team’s uniforms and kits. Moreover, the game features an advanced match analysis system that provides essential feedback to the players on their gameplay. This feature is highly useful in helping players improve their skills and tactics in the game.

FIFA 16 also introduces a new “Be a Pro” mode where players can choose to play as a female player and climb the ranks to become a team captain. The game features an impressive 12 playable women’s national teams, which include Brazil, the United States, France, and England, to name a few. The women’s teams can also participate in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, which is one of the most sought-after and popular modes across all FIFA games.

One of FIFA 16’s new features is the “Training” mode, aimed at helping players (new or experienced) improve their skills. In this mode, players can create custom drills designed to target specific areas of their gameplay, such as passing, dribbling, shooting, and defending. Also, the game has a rewards system in place in its tournament mode. Players can earn prize money if they win which can then be used to improve their team by acquiring new players, for instance.

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