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May 5th, 2023


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Gameplay: The gameplay of “Driver San Francisco” is quite unique. It features a fictional San Francisco and Bay area where players can race on a diverse range of vehicles, such as cars, buses, and trucks. In addition to this, the game also offers a “Shift” system that allows players to seamlessly transition into various vehicles on the road. Initiated using a button, this feature allows players to switch from one vehicle to another almost instantly. This ability enables players to complete challenging missions and engage in various intense action scenes as they chase villains in thrilling car chase sequences.

Missions: The varied mission system of “Driver San Francisco” offers players numerous challenges to complete. Players are required to complete missions in different vehicles and locations, ranging from standard races, stunts, and high-speed chases. As players progress through the game, they are met with increasingly difficult challenges that test their driving skills. In addition, completing missions unlocks new features, such as vehicles and additional game modes, among other rewards.

Plot: The storyline of “Driver San Francisco” revolves around John Tanner, a detective who becomes embroiled in the hunt for Charles Jericho, the main villain. As Tanner chases Jericho across San Francisco, an accident puts him in a coma. In his dream world, Tanner is able to move around the city and manipulate events to help him unravel the plan unfolding in the real world. This plot adds a unique twist to the game, as players are not only chasing the enemy but also uncovering a mystery.

Graphics & Sound: “Driver San Francisco” boasts of impressive graphics that make the game world look realistic. The game developers have paid keen attention to detail, with the diverse locations and vehicles looking almost identical to the real San Francisco. The sound design also adds an immersive experience, with realistic engine sounds and a fantastic soundtrack that underscores the racing and action sequences.


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