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Oct 16th, 2023


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Since its release in 2011, Dead Island has been the benchmark of zombie games. It has enticed players with its realistic gameplay, stunning visuals, and evolutionary story. Its sequel, Dead Island Riptide, crafted to perfection by Polish studio Techland, promises to amp up the thrill to the next level.

1. Setting and Characters

Dead Island Riptide is set in the same location as its predecessor: Palanai Island. The island has palm-lined beaches and a dense, tropical jungle with a sinister feel to it. Players will recognize the island from the first game, but the island has undergone a significant change. The once beautiful island is now a nightmare, overrun by zombies. The game’s introduction video sets an eerie tone with the characters fighting off zombies on a ship.

The game’s characters, including Logan, Purna, Sam B, and Xian Mei, have the same skillset as the previous game and are at their best when combined in co-op mode.

2. Gameplay

Dead Island introduced visceral first-person melee combat to the gaming world. Its sequel offers a similar gameplay experience but with a few essential upgrades. For example, weapons have been upgraded to include items such as lava grenades. The introduction of boats has significantly impacted the gameplay as well. Players can now explore and travel across the island by water.

The game also offers an extensive RPG-style leveling system, including skill trees where players can choose unique abilities to upgrade their characters. Furthermore, Dead Island Riptide’s difficulty level has been adjusted. It gives players a challenge by introducing ‘rotten’ zombies, which are stronger and harder to kill.

3. Storyline

Dead Island’s storyline is more evolved than that of typical zombie games, and Dead Island Riptide follows suit. The game continues the story from the first game, with the survivors now finding themselves on a ship under quarantine. Eventually, they end up on Palanai Island, where they encounter new enemies, including intelligent zombies that throw objects at the players.

The game’s storyline is well written, with plenty of twists and turns that keep players engaged. Unlike the first game, players can freely explore the island, go on side quests, and unlock a new base on the island.

4. Multiplayer Mode

Dead Island Riptide offers various multiplayer modes, including cooperative and competitive gameplay. The game also includes a new mode called “Horde mode,” where players must survive waves of zombies while trying to repair a generator.

The cooperative mode, where a team of players attempts to survive the zombie horde, offers a great deal of fun. Players can also customize their games and create their own rules by selecting the game’s parameters. This feature adds to the game’s replay value.


Dead Island Riptide lives up to its predecessor’s standard by providing a terrifying yet engaging experience. The game pushes the limits of zombie games by adding new features, a thrilling storyline, and multiplayer modes. It is a game that can be played solo or with a team of friends. Dead Island Riptide has successfully created a game world that gives players the adrenaline rush they crave. So, set sail into the zombified tropical isles, if you dare!

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