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Aug 3rd, 2023


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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, a game that sets itself apart by telling its story in an entirely unconventional way. Released in 2012 for Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, the game takes place in a fictional kingdom called Lordran, where players assume the role of a cursed human character who sets out to discover the fate of undead humans like themselves.

Environmental Storytelling

The world of Dark Souls is vast and full of secrets. The game lets players explore the massive kingdom of Lordran at their own pace, and the world’s design is tailored to keep players engaged and constantly intrigued. The game’s environments tell their own story, with each area having its own unique backstory. Players have to piece together the events that occurred before they arrived in Lordran by looking at the architecture, item descriptions, and the creatures that inhabit the realm.

NPC Dialogue

Dark Souls has a minimalistic approach to dialogue. Unlike other games that have lengthy cutscenes or constant chatter from NPCs, Dark Souls only has a few key NPCs who offer cryptic and mysterious information that helps players piece together the game’s overall narrative. These characters don’t explain everything, and some may even lie or withhold information. Players have to interpret the information they receive from NPCs carefully to fully understand the story.

In-game Item Flavor Text

One of the most unique aspects of Dark Souls’ storytelling is its item descriptions. Every object in the game, whether it’s a weapon, spell, or consumable, has a description that adds to the game’s lore. These descriptions provide insight into the world’s history, its characters, and even the motivations of bosses and other enemies players face. The descriptions aren’t necessary for completing the game, but reading them can deepen players’ understanding and appreciation of the game’s story.

The Fate of the Undead

The overarching narrative of Dark Souls is the fate of the undead in the kingdom of Lordran. The game doesn’t explain what it means to be undead or how this impacts the world, but players can piece together the story through dialogue, items, and environmental storytelling. The game presents players with multiple possible endings, each offering a different perspective on what it means to be undead and what fate lies ahead for the player character.

A Different Kind of Experience

Dark Souls’ unconventional storytelling is one of the aspects of the game that sets it apart from other titles in the video game industry. The game isn’t for everyone, as it requires patience, exploration, and interpretation. Players who are willing to analyze the game’s clues and piece together the story will find a rewarding experience that transcends traditional storytelling methods. Not only is the game challenging and engrossing, but it also tells a meaningful story that resonates with players long after they’ve put the controller down.


Dark Souls’ Prepare to Die Edition is a game that tells its story in a unique and unconventional way. The game presents players with a vast world filled with mysteries and secrets, and it’s up to players to explore and interpret the story’s clues. The game’s minimalistic approach to dialogue, environmental storytelling, and in-game item descriptions make for an immersive and engrossing experience that is unlike anything else in the gaming world. Dark Souls has become a beloved classic that has stood the test of time due to its unconventional storytelling, challenging gameplay, and unique narrative.

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