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Jun 20th, 2023


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Blades of Time is a hack-and-slash action-adventure game developed by Gaijin Entertainment, released in 2012 for various platforms. It tells the story of the protagonist Ayumi, a treasure hunter who ends up in an exotic fantasy world filled with dangerous creatures and ancient ruins. One of the game’s defining features is the “Time Rewind” ability, which allows the player to turn back time and create a clone that replicates Ayumi’s last movements. This ability plays a significant role in both combat and puzzle-solving, making the game unique and challenging.

Aside from Time Rewind, Blades of Time offers several other abilities that make the gameplay engaging and exciting. One of these abilities is the “Dash,” which allows Ayumi to instantly close the distance between her and her enemies. It is particularly useful in boss battles and when surrounded by multiple foes. The Dash can also be used to cross gaps and navigate through the environment quickly. Players can also upgrade this ability by earning skill points, making Ayumi faster and more efficient in combat.

Another aspect of Blades of Time is the vast array of skills and combos that players can unlock as they progress through the game. With over 40 sets of skills, the game lets you customize Ayumi’s fighting style and make her more powerful. The skills range from simple attacks to complex combos that can inflict massive damage to enemies. Moreover, the game also offers the Order and Chaos forms of magic, two elements that Ayumi can use to augment her abilities and unleash devastating attacks on her foes.

Blades of Time is not just a single-player game as it also offers both co-op campaign and PvP modes. In co-op campaign mode, players can team up with a partner and explore the game’s world together, defeating enemies and solving puzzles. On the other hand, in PvP mode, players can compete against each other in several game modes, such as deathmatch and capture the flag. PvP mode adds a layer of competition and strategy to the game, making it more fun and engaging.

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