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The caped crusader has always been a popular subject for various adaptations, from comics and TV shows to movies and video games. Telltale Games joined the mix with the 2016 release of Batman: The Telltale Series, an episodic point-and-click graphic adventure video game featuring DC Comics’ iconic superhero. Despite mixed reviews, this game stands out as one of the most faithful Batman adaptations while offering an engaging narrative experience.

The Atmosphere of Gotham City

The Telltale Series presents a visually stunning and immersive version of Gotham City, displaying the grit and shadows that have come to define this fictional metropolis. Players can visit iconic locations such as the Batcave, Wayne Manor, or Arkham Asylum and interact with familiar characters like Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Dent, or Selina Kyle. The use of cel-shading and stylish camera angles add to the game’s cinematic quality that feels like an interactive comic book or TV show. The music score also deserves praise, capturing the brooding and epic tones of Batman’s world.

The Choices and Consequences System

One of Telltale Games’ trademarks is the choices and consequences system that allows players to shape the story through the decisions they make. This feature is present in Batman: The Telltale Series, and it’s done exceptionally well. The game offers tough moral dilemmas that challenge players’ understanding of Batman’s code and what it takes to fight crime. Depending on their choices, players can affect the relationships between Bruce Wayne and his allies or enemies, as well as the outcomes of the various subplots that unfold across five episodes. The replay value of the game is high, as players may want to see how the story unfolds differently with each choice.

The Action Sequences

Despite being a point-and-click game, Batman: The Telltale Series delivers some thrilling action scenes that put players in control of the Dark Knight’s fighting skills. The quick-time events and combat mechanics feel intuitive and engaging, allowing players to unleash Batman’s gadgets and combos in stylish ways. These action sequences are a nice break from the investigation and dialogue-driven gameplay, and they add to the game’s immersion by making the players feel like they are part of Batman’s fights.

The Faithfulness to the Batman Mythos

One of the most significant assets of the game is how it respects and interprets the Batman mythos. The game’s writers managed to create a fresh and intriguing take on Batman’s world while staying true to the character’s history and personality. The game acknowledges various storylines from the comics, such as the Court of Owls, and introduces new twists and secrets that keep the players guessing. The voice acting is superb, with talented actors bringing to life Batman, Bruce Wayne, and the supporting cast with authenticity and flair. The attention to detail in the game’s dialogue, costumes, and Easter eggs make it a joy for fans of the Batman lore.

The Improvements in the Sequel

While the original game had its flaws, such as technical issues and plot inconsistencies, Telltale Games listened to feedback and released a second season, titled Batman: The Enemy Within, that addressed some of these problems. The sequel improved on the original’s graphics, gameplay mechanics, and storytelling, introducing compelling new villains and plot threads. It also took some risks with the characterizations of certain characters and explored the shades of grey in the morality of the heroes and villains. Overall, the sequel proved that Telltale Games could learn from their mistakes and deliver an even better Batman experience.


Batman: The Telltale Series may not be a perfect game, but it stands out as a faithful and engaging adaptation of Batman’s world that offers an immersive and interactive experience. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Batman or a fan of storytelling games, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in this game. Through the atmospheric visuals and music, the choices and consequences system, the action scenes, and the faithfulness to the character’s history, the game delivers an excellent portrayal of the Dark Knight. And if you want more, The Enemy Within offers an even more polished and daring spin on the mythos.

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