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Are you a wildlife enthusiast? Do you enjoy exploring exotic destinations? Then Afrika is just the game for you! This photography and safari simulation game for PlayStation 3 lets you experience the beauty and wonders of the African savanna. From capturing stunning photographs of the Big Five (lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and buffalos) to exploring the vast open plains, Afrika allows you to immerse yourself in the African wildlife like never before.

Game Overview

Afrika is a game that takes players on a virtual African safari with the objective of capturing photographs of its diverse wildlife. The game offers a sandbox-style gameplay where players can explore a massive open-world environment filled with different animals, landscapes, and weather conditions. Players navigate through grasslands, forests, and deserts to capture their perfect shot. However, unlike typical game mechanics, capturing the perfect shot is not just a matter of aiming and clicking. It requires players to be strategic about their position, timing, and camera settings.

Wildlife Collection

Afrika features an extensive collection of wildlife species that players can capture through their lens. The game boasts over 70 species of animals ranging from the iconic African elephants and lions to the lesser-known African wild dogs and hyenas. The animals in the game are artfully designed, with detailed features and behaviors that mimic their real-life counterparts. Each animal species has its own unique behavior patterns, which players must learn to capture the perfect shot. The game also includes a museum section that showcases each animal’s biology and information on their history within the game habitat.

Photography and Equipment

Photography in Afrika is not just about clicking a button; it’s a whole art form. Successful photography requires players to understand composition, lighting, and camera settings. Players can choose from a range of professional-grade camera and accessory options to fit their photography style and game objectives. As they progress through the game, more advanced equipment such as tripods and high-end cameras are unlocked to enhance their photography skills.

Realistic Elements

Afrika is known for its stunning visuals and sound design, which both add to the game’s immersive experience. The developers used real-life footage and audio recordings to create an authentic African safari ecosystem that players can explore and photograph. Moreover, the game includes realistic weather patterns, such as rain, thunderstorms, and sunsets, that make the game feel like players are on an actual African safari.

Open-World Exploration

Afrika’s large open-world environment is one of the game’s most significant features. Players can explore the African savanna, including plains, forests, and even a deserted ancient city. They can navigate the environment via safari jeeps or on foot, all while photographing the majestic animals they come across. The game also features an extensive day and night cycle that affects animal behaviors, making some animals more easily found during specific times of day.


Afrika offers one of the most realistic wildlife experiences one can have without leaving their home. It is an exceptional game that immerses players in the African savanna, offering a unique combination of education and entertainment. With its stunning visuals, realistic audio, and extensive wildlife collection, Afrika is undoubtedly a gaming experience worth trying out.

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