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Dec 12, 2023


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For all the gamers out there who love puzzles and challenges, Tetris Plus ROM Sega Saturn is here to test your skills. Tetris Plus is a game that was released in different versions since 1995, now in the form of ROMs you can play on modern consoles like Sega Saturn. Whether you’re new to Tetris or a seasoned gamer looking for a fresh challenge, Tetris Plus ROM is worth a try. In this post, we will review Tetris Plus ROM and tell you everything you need to know to get started.

The basics

Tetris Plus ROM Sega Saturn is a puzzle game where you have to fit falling blocks into a horizontal line, without spaces. If you complete a line, it disappears, and the remaining blocks fall down. The goal is to keep clearing lines until you reach the bottom of the screen. In Tetris Plus, you play as the archaeologist named “Dr. Ishida,” who’s digging deeper to uncover ancient relics. The game goes through six worlds, where you have to uncover the artifacts by solving puzzles. As you progress, the game will become harder, and you’ll need to think strategically to finish the levels.

The gameplay

Tetris Plus ROM Sega Saturn has two gameplay modes: Standard and Puzzle. In Standard mode, you play the classic Tetris game, while in Puzzle, you play levels with specific objectives. One of the unique things about Tetris Plus is the obstacles on the screen, which can obstruct your gameplay. For example, in some levels, if you clear a block, the block above will fall and block that column. So, you need to plan your moves carefully in advance. Another unique feature is the ‘Survival Mode,’ where you have to survive as long as you can before you get buried.

Graphics and Sound

Tetris Plus ROM Sega Saturn is a visually pleasing game with vibrant colors and cute character design. The backgrounds of the six worlds are inspired by different cultures such as Japan, Africa, and the Aztecs. The music and sound effects are fun and fit the game’s theme, and you can select different languages depending on your preference. The downside is that it could be repetitive, and after a while, you might want to turn it off.

Overall difficulty

Tetris Plus ROM is both challenging and fun. The difficulty level is gradual, so you won’t feel overwhelmed, but you’ll still need to think strategically to get to the later parts of the game. The game is suitable for both casual and serious gamers. The difficulty increases as you progress through the levels, and the puzzles get harder. Completing the game entirely won’t be easy, will require a lot of time and effort.

Final Verdict

Tetris Plus ROM for Sega Saturn is a great addition to your puzzle game collection. It offers unique gameplay modes, cute graphics, and fun music, making for an overall enjoyable experience. If you’re a fan of puzzles and strategy games, Tetris Plus ROM Sega Saturn is a must-try. Whether you’re a beginner, casual or serious gamer – this game offers something for everyone to enjoy. The ROM is available to play on different consoles, and it’s retailing at an accessible price on several online platforms.


To sum up, Tetris Plus ROM Sega Saturn is a puzzle game worth playing; it’s challenging, fun, and visually attractive. The game’s unique gameplay modes and obstacles make it stand out from the standard Tetris versions, and the six worlds and levels will keep your interest throughout. Whether you’re a fan of Tetris or a newcomer, Tetris Plus is a great puzzle game to add to your collection. So, if you’re looking for a puzzle game that will make you think and strategize, make sure you give Tetris Plus ROM Sega Saturn a try!

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