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Feb 20, 2024


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The world of retro gaming is a treasure trove for those who relish the classics, the ones that laid the foundation for today’s gaming masterpieces. The QuoVadis series, although lesser-known compared to the giants of its era, holds a special place among Sega Saturn enthusiasts and classic RPG devotees. In this deep-dive review, we’ll traverse the captivating universe of QuoVadis 2: Wakusei Kyoushuu Ovan Rei ROM Sega Saturn, exploring the reasons behind its cult-like following and the lasting impact it has had within the RPG genre.


Stepping into a world that could only be conjured by the amalgam of late ’90s creativity and technology, QuoVadis 2: Wakusei Kyoushuu Ovan Rei stands as a milestone not just for the Sega Saturn but for the RPG genre. Released at a pivotal time when 3D graphics and complex narratives were just starting to unfurl, QuoVadis 2 offered players an impressive leap forward in immersion and storytelling when compared to its 16-bit predecessors. Sega Saturn’s significance as a platform that still anchors the memories of many is mirrored in the unique charm of QuoVadis 2, a gem that sparkles against the backdrop of Saturn’s vast library.

Gameplay and Features

With QuoVadis 2: Wakusei Kyoushuu Ovan Rei ROM Sega Saturn, players were not just promised an RPG; they were offered an odyssey of discovery. The game marries classic turn-based combat mechanics with a narrative structure that challenges the status quo. The plot revolves around time travel and the impact of player choices, with a richness that defies the standard tropes of its time.

The game’s combat system is tactically deep, requiring players to manage not just stats and elements but also a dynamic battlefield where the environment could either be your greatest ally or your fiercest foe. Influences of this approach can arguably be seen in later RPGs that have adopted similar systems.

Graphics and Sound

In the visual realm, QuoVadis 2 pushed the boundaries of what RPG enthusiasts had come to expect. While the limitations of the Saturn were well known, the artists poured their creative might into crafting 2D environments and character sprites that felt alive and dynamic. The use of color and visual effects, albeit in a 2D plane, added layers of depth usually reserved for 3D environments.

The soundtrack, an ethereal masterpiece, was ahead of its time. Composed by industry veterans, the score of QuoVadis 2 remains iconic, striking a chord with its melodic compositions and atmospheric soundscapes. It’s a testament to the audio work that over two decades later, fans still rediscover and remix tracks from the game, breathing new life into the timeless melodies.

Reception and Legacy

The critical reception to QuoVadis 2: Wakusei Kyoushuu Ovan Rei ROM Sega Saturn was positive, with many reviewers lauding its ambition and execution. Players found themselves drawn to the game’s intricacies, from the emotional weight of the story to the thought-provoking mechanics that went beyond the veneer of a traditional RPG. Despite modest sales figures, the game established a legacy in the RPG genre, influencing future titles and earning a dedicated fan base.

The game’s impact on the Saturn’s library is one of quiet importance. Considered by some as one of the underrated classics of the system, QuoVadis 2 stands alongside other RPG titans as a representative of the exploration and innovation that occurred during the 32-bit era.


QuoVadis 2: Wakusei Kyoushuu Ovan Rei ROM Sega Saturn is not just a relic of a bygone era; it’s a beacon that still shines bright and guides players to where modern-day RPGs find their roots. For those who yearn to experience a title that encapsulates the essence of the golden age of gaming, QuoVadis 2 beckons with open arms.

To the retro gaming community, QuoVadis 2: Wakusei Kyoushuu Ovan Rei ROM Sega Saturn offers a chance to relive a piece of history, and for the uninitiated, it is an invitation to explore a game that continues to capture the imaginations of RPG enthusiasts. In the vast expanse of the Sega Saturn library, QuoVadis 2 is a celestial body in the night sky—a note-worthy point of reference.

Fellow retro gamers, it is time to dust off your Sega Saturn or find your emulators, load up QuoVadis 2: Wakusei Kyoushuu Ovan Rei ROM Sega Saturn, and immerse yourselves in an adventure that is as relevant and enjoyable today as it was back when it first graced our screens.

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