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Mar 2, 2024


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For retro gamers and aficionados of classic consoles, the Sega Saturn is a beloved relic. It bore witness to an array of games that encapsulated an era of bold, pixelated storytelling. Among these, Resurrection: Rise 2 remains a title significant not just for its gameplay, but for how it has been resurrected in the digital age. This post is a detailed examination of the ROM version of Resurrection: Rise 2 for the Sega Saturn, aiming to offer insights, reflections, and a touch of nostalgia for those who power on their Sega Saturn with fond memories in mind.

Game Overview

Resurrection: Rise 2, a fighting game bearing the torch of the not-so-well-known Rise of the Robots series, presented players on Sega Saturn with an evolution in the one-on-one genre. With melee battles set against a dystopian futuristic backdrop, where humankind’s only hope rests on a cybernetic hero, the story was as engaging as it was thrilling. The game, more nuanced than its predecessor, featured 11 varied stages and a series of formidable opponents that would test your combat prowess to its limits.

The Anticipated Encounter

Released in the mid-90s, the anticipation for Resurrection was high, promising a tapestry of visuals and a dynamic soundtrack, further underscoring the conflict between man and machine. While it had its detractors and has undergone scrutiny over the years, the ROM release has brought a newfound balance, allowing for a fresh perspective.

The Nostalgia Factor

For those who fondly remember their days battling it out on the Sega Saturn, the ROM release of Resurrection: Rise 2 is akin to finding a memento from the past. The game is not just a standalone title; it is a reincarnation of an era. Its graphics, mechanics, and even its imperfections are cherished elements that take players back to a time when gaming was more about the experience and less about the critique.

Technical Review

Graphics and Sound Quality

The ROM version preserves the distinctive visual style and the audio elements that contributed to making Resurrection a memorable title. While it may not boast the 3D-rendered splendor of more contemporary titles, the graphics carry a raw charm, and the soundtrack, a foundational component of the Rise of the Robots series, envelops players in the sci-fi ambiance.

Gameplay Mechanics

In terms of gameplay, Resurrection: Rise 2 for the Sega Saturn ROM does justice to the original, offering responsive controls and a balanced difficulty curve. The move sets are varied, and combat feels weighty and substantial. This ROM version breathes new life into the game, allowing players to relive the experience with a greater level of comfort and control, thanks to modern emulators and setups.

Comparison to Original

When compared to the original Sega Saturn version, the ROM iteration of Resurrection: Rise 2 shines in a few areas. Load times are significantly reduced, a common and understandable complaint from the era of disc-based games. In some emulated versions, players also have access to cheats and enhancements, leading to a more customizable and tailored experience. Players can also savor the game in its once-restrictive region, as ROMs often come unbound by geographical limitations.

Community Reception

A Warm Welcome Back

The reception for the ROM release of Resurrection: Rise 2 has been heartening, with many gamers expressing joy at the chance to revisit this title. The chance to discuss, compare, and enjoys the game within the retro gaming community has led to a resurgence in interest, highlighting the role of older games in connecting players through shared histories and experiences.

Engaging with Fans

On forums and social media, players have been keen to share their experiences, strategies, and even unlockables, rekindling the community spirit that makes retro gaming a vibrant subculture. The ROM iteration has facilitated a connection that transcends physical cartridges and discs, enabling digital communities to thrive.


For all its graphicial quirks and the weight of history that it carries, Resurrection: Rise 2 on Sega Saturn still manages to inspire awe and respect. The ROM release has given the game a second chance to captivate audience and, it has taken it with zeal. Whether you’re a devotee of the classic Sega Saturn or a modern gamer looking to explore the roots of the fighting genre, Resurrection: Rise 2 is a title that deserves a place in your collection.

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