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Sep 11, 2023




Do you remember the days of playing video games on a console with cartridges, CDs, and no online connectivity? Those were the times when games were purely based on strategy, gameplay, and in-game rewards, not loot boxes or pay-to-win tactics. Today, we’re revisiting one of the classic games of the 90s, Soviet Strike ROM for the Sega Saturn console. Developed by Electronic Arts, Soviet Strike ROM Sega Saturn was a sequel of the Strike series and was released in 1996. It was a favorite of many gamers back then and remains popular today. In this blog post, we’ll review Soviet Strike ROM Sega Saturn and see if it still stands up to its reputation.

Plot and Storyline:

The first thing that one would notice while playing Soviet Strike ROM is its plot and storyline. The game revolves around a fictional crisis in Russia, where rebels have seized control of nuclear weapons. As a member of the United States’ Strike Team, you go on various missions to stop the rebels from launching the nukes. The game features a mix of action and strategy elements, where you pilot various vehicles, such as helicopters, tanks, and hovercraft, to complete each mission’s objectives. The immersive storyline, coupled with the fluid gameplay, make for an enjoyable experience.

Graphics and Audio:

Soviet Strike ROM’s graphics and audio hold up incredibly well, considering it was released over 25 years ago. The game features 3D modeled objects and environments, and the camera pans and zooms to give you the right angles and perspectives. The backgrounds, including cities, forests, and deserts, are stunningly detailed. The audio features digitized sound effects, voice-overs, and music tracks that fit the game’s mood perfectly. Overall, the game’s graphics and audio are a testament to the Sega Saturn’s hardware capabilities.

Gameplay and Controls:

Soviet Strike ROM features an open-world gameplay style, where you are free to explore and complete missions as you see fit. The game has 15 missions, each with unique objectives and challenges. You can play solo or with a friend in co-op mode. The game features eight vehicles, each with its unique controls, weapons, and agility. The game’s controls are smooth and responsive, albeit a bit complex. The in-game tutorials help you get up to speed with the controls and gameplay, but expect a bit of a learning curve before you can master the game.

Replayability and Fun Factor:

Soviet Strike ROM’s replayability and fun factor are what make the game stand out even today. The game has a ranking system that awards you points based on your completion time, accuracy, kills, and objectives achieved. The points can be used to unlock cheat modes and new vehicles. Additionally, the game’s difficulty level increases each time you complete it, making it challenging and rewarding. The game’s co-op mode adds another layer of fun, giving you and a friend the chance to work together and complete missions quickly.

Availability and Compatibility:

If you’re looking to play Soviet Strike ROM in 2022, you’ll need a Sega Saturn console or an emulator. Emulators such as Yaba Sanshiro and RetroArch support the game, and you can find the ROM file on various websites. The game runs well on most systems, but you’ll need a capable graphics card and processor to run it smoothly. The game is also available on other consoles such as PlayStation and PC, but the Sega Saturn version is considered to be the best.

Soviet Strike ROM for the Sega Saturn is a classic game that stands the test of time. It features an immersive storyline, stunning graphics and audio, fluid gameplay, and a high replayability factor. If you’re looking to relive some of the nostalgia of the 90s and play a game that is still fun and challenging today, we recommend you try Soviet Strike ROM. Let us know your thoughts on the game and your experiences playing it in the comments below!

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