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Dec 13, 2023


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The Sega Saturn is a classic console that holds a special place in the hearts of dedicated gamers. One of the lesser-known games on the console is Shiroki Majo: Mouhitotsu no Eiyuu Densetsu ROM Sega Saturn. It’s a rare game that blends the best of Japanese RPGs with dating sim elements. Developed by Karin Entertainment and released only in Japan back in 1998, the game was a hit with players of the time. Now, more than two decades later, is it still worth playing? We dive deep into Shiroki Majo: Mouhitotsu no Eiyuu Densetsu ROM Sega Saturnand see if it stands the test of time.


Shiroki Majo: Mouhitotsu no Eiyuu Densetsu ROM Sega Saturn is set in a fantasy world called Eltoria, where peace has recently been restored after years of war. The Goddess, who governs over the world, has gone into a deep slumber, and her followers are preparing for her expected awakening. As the player, you take on the role of a young man named Siskier. In the game, you can choose to pursue romantic relationships with characters, including the titular White Witch, Lucca. The storyline features plenty of twists and turns, and the turn-based battles offer a good challenge.


The gameplay in the game is a mixture of traditional JRPGs with simulation and dating elements. It starts off with a typical levelling system, where you get stronger by fighting monsters and acquiring experience points. Once you reach a particular level, different areas of the game world open up – much like in other JRPGs of the time. However, it is the dating sim elements that make the game unique. Using a menu system, you can interact and build relationships with different characters in the game. These interactions, although touching and engaging, are relatively shallow, and they don’t add much to the overall storyline.

Graphics and Sound

Though the graphics in the game aren’t as impressive compared to modern games, it still holds up well. The game’s anime-style visuals are still eye-catching, and the character designs are quite unique and will draw in anyone who loves anime. For soundtrack lovers, the game features an impressive soundtrack that will keep players engaged throughout the game. The tunes are well composed, and they set the tone for each scene beautifully.


The game’s replayability comes from its multiple endings. Depending on your choices throughout the game, different endings will come about. There are a total of six endings to the game, and discovering each one adds more playtime. However, due to the dating sim elements having no real impact on the game’s outcome as a whole, the game’s replayability is somewhat limited.


After playing Shiroki Majo: Mouhitotsu no Eiyuu Densetsu ROM Sega Saturn after such a long time, it’s great to see that it still holds up. Its unique blend of gameplay, storyline, and romance elements make it a game worth revisiting. The anime-style visuals and beautiful soundtrack solidify this game as an excellent of its genre. If you’re a fan of nostalgic JRPGs with dating sim elements and a deep storyline, then Shiroki Majo: Mouhitotsu no Eiyuu Densetsu ROM Sega Saturn is a game you should add to your collection.

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