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Aug 15, 2023


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If you are a gamer at heart and love to explore new ROMs, then you have come to the right place. The Sega Saturn has numerous classic games, and Pandemonium ROM is undoubtedly one of the best. It’s an underrated platformer game that was overshadowed by the popularity of games like Sonic and Mario. However, with the growing interest in retro gaming, Pandemonium is making a comeback. Located in a magical world with a variety of obstacles and powerful enemies, you’ll love this game from the start. This review will give you an in-depth understanding of Pandemonium ROM for Sega Saturn, so let’s dive in!


Pandemonium may look like an average platformer at first glance, but its gameplay is both exciting and unique. The game offers two different characters, Nikki and Fargus, to choose from. Both offer different skills and abilities to tackle various scenarios in the game. For instance, Nikki can jump twice in mid-air, while Fargus can use his roll to knock out enemies. You’ll navigate through many different obstacles throughout the game, and you can collect coins and power-ups that can fully restore health, providing you with extra life. The game consists of 18 stages, and each one is challenging in its way. Its flawless controls and smooth gameplay will hook you right in.


Pandemonium’s graphics are eye-catching and fun, making it an excellent fit for younger audiences. Its art style is cartoonish, resembling something out of a children’s book. Still, it can be enjoyed by anybody. The game’s images are captivating, the backgrounds are excellent, and the bright colors make each level look alive. The game is pixel-based, but it does give off a 3D feel thanks to its clever illusion of moving backward and forward, adding a sense of depth to the game.


Pandemonium’s soundtrack is possibly the best feature of the game. Each stage’s theme music is unique and accompanies the scenery appropriately. You’ll find that the game’s music has a catchy tune, making it hard to forget even when you’re done playing. From the main menu to boss battles to winning screens, the sound design is spot on, contributing to the overall quality of the game.


While Pandemonium might not be considered one of the all-time greats, it’s still a fantastic game that’s worth playing to the end. The game offers two different endings based on the character you use, giving you two reasons to play the game over again. Some stages can be challenging, and as you play, you’ll get better. The fact that this is a platformer game, and each level offers something new, it’s worth going back and trying to perfect the game, earning a spot high on the leaderboard or best overall time.


In conclusion, Pandemonium ROM for Sega Saturn is an excellent platforming game that’s worth every bit of your time. It’s an excellent fit for gamers of any age, it’s full of fun obstacles, and the unique ability and character choices make it that much more enjoyable to play. It ticks all the boxes in terms of what makes a great retro game: great gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a memorable soundtrack. What’s particularly exciting about this game is that it’s still relatively unknown, making it feel special to anyone who discovers it. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try, and we’re pretty confident that you won’t regret it!

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