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Nov 29, 2023


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The Sega Saturn is a classic console that brought us many memorable games. One of these games that often fly under the radar is Mr. Bones. Mr. Bones is an action platformer developed by Zono featuring a unique protagonist – a talking skeleton named Mr. Bones. This game was released in 1996 and received moderate success back in its time. But how well does it hold up today? Is it still worth playing on the Sega Saturn? Let’s find out in this Mr. Bones review.


Mr. Bones ROM Sega Saturn is set in an alternate version of Earth where an evil sorcerer named DaGoulian, and his alien minions have taken over the world. The player controls Mr. Bones, a recently resurrected skeleton who has retained his human conscience and is willing to help the resistance in their fight against DaGoulian’s forces. The game’s story is not its strong suit, but it manages to provide a solid backdrop for the gameplay.


Mr. Bones ROM Sega Saturn gameplay is a mix of traditional platformer mechanics with some unique elements. The player controls Mr. Bones through various levels and must jump, climb, and fight their way through enemies. The unique twist in Mr. Bones’ gameplay is the inclusion of Mr. Bones’ ability to shatter into pieces and fly. This ability lets the player solve puzzles and reach hidden areas. It also adds a refreshing variety to the gameplay that is not often seen in platformers. The game’s difficulty spikes in later levels can be frustrating, but they are still manageable.


One of the game’s strongest assets is its music. The game’s soundtrack features a unique mix of blues and jazz-inspired tracks that perfectly complement the game’s setting and tone. The themes add a lot of charm to the game and are memorable long after finishing it. The voice acting is also well done, especially for Mr. Bones ROM Sega Saturn, whose sarcastic quips add to the overall experience.


Visually, Mr. Bones ROM Sega Saturn holds up well today. The game’s character models, environments, and effects are well detailed, and the use of vibrant colors adds to the game’s surreal atmosphere. The game’s pre-rendered backgrounds are also a highlight and are among the best seen on the Sega Saturn. The game’s FMV cutscenes, however, have not aged well and can be a bit jarring to watch.


Mr. Bones ROM Sega Saturn is an underrated classic on the Sega Saturn that manages to offer a lot of variety in its gameplay, great music, and a memorable protagonist. While the game’s difficulty spikes can be frustrating and the story is not its strong suit, the game is still a lot of fun to play. Although it might not be easy to obtain a copy of this game, it’s worth the effort if you’re a fan of platformers or just looking to try something new. In conclusion, Mr. Bones is a hidden gem on the Sega Saturn that deserves more recognition.

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