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Oct 12, 2023


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Mortal Kombat II is a classic fighting game that has entertained gamers for decades. It has been ported to many different consoles in its lifetime, including the Sega Saturn. The Mortal Kombat II ROM for the Sega Saturn is one of the most popular versions of the game, but is it worth your time? In this post, we will review the game and give you our honest opinion.

The graphics of Mortal Kombat II on the Sega Saturn are stunning. The characters are highly detailed, and the backgrounds are visually impressive. The special effects during the fights are also very well done. It’s clear that a lot of effort and time went into the graphics for this game.

The gameplay is also very smooth, with responsive controls and fast-paced action. The game runs at a steady frame rate, which is important for fighting games like Mortal Kombat II. The gameplay mechanics are easy to pick up, but mastering them can take some time. There are also plenty of different modes and characters to keep you entertained for hours.

One potential downside of the game is that it can feel a bit repetitive after a while. While there are many characters to choose from, the fights can start to feel a bit samey after a while. However, this is common for fighting games in general, so it’s not necessarily a strike against Mortal Kombat II on the Sega Saturn specifically.

Another potential issue is the difficulty level. Mortal Kombat II can be very challenging, with some of the later fights feeling almost impossible to beat. This can be frustrating for some players, but it also adds to the game’s longevity, as you’ll need to keep playing in order to master it.

Finally, we should mention the sound design. The music and sound effects in Mortal Kombat II on the Sega Saturn are great. The music is memorable and fits the game’s tone perfectly, and the sound effects are suitably gruesome.

Mortal Kombat II on the Sega Saturn is a fantastic fighting game that’s worth your time if you’re a fan of the genre. The graphics are impressive, the gameplay is smooth and responsive, and the sound design is great. While it can be a bit repetitive and challenging at times, these are common issues with fighting games in general. Overall, we highly recommend Mortal Kombat II on the Sega Saturn.

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