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Sep 28, 2023




Attention Gamer fans of Mobile Suit Gundam! If you are looking for a retro game that packs in action and strategy, we have got the perfect game for you. Mobile Suit Gundam ROM for Sega Saturn is one of the classic games from the ‘90s that still continues to draw massive player base. Even though it has been 20 years since its release, this game still offers great graphics, animation, and gameplay experience. In this blog, we’ll dive into the details of the game, sharing tips and tricks that you can use to defeat your opponents. So, let’s get started!

The Mobile Suit Gundam ROM is an action-packed, mecha game, based on the popular anime show with the same name. You take control of a Gundam – a giant robot – and go into battles against other Gundams, using a range of weapons and abilities. The game is divided into two parts, the Campaign Mode, where you play through the story and the Versus Mode, where you can fight against other players.

The campaign mode takes place in UC 0079 of the anime series— the time of the One Year War. You play as Amuro Ray, a young boy who, after finding himself at the center of the war and piloting the white Gundam RX-78, must fight against the Zeon army to save Earth and its people. You’ll travel across different environments, encounter different enemies, and battle them using different weapons such as guns, missiles, and beam sabers.

The mechanics of this game are fantastic. The fluid movements of the Gundam robots and the explosions of the weapons are incredibly satisfying. The controls are smooth and easy to handle, which makes it a comfortable game to play and master. Every Gundam has different stats and can perform various moves that require different levels of skill. You can choose your favorite Gundam, tune it to your liking, and take on enemies with your unique set of abilities.

The Versus mode of Mobile Suit Gundam ROM is a real-time fight against your opponent. The battles are based on different game modes, such as survival and team battles, where you and your team battle against your opponent and his team until there are no Gundams left.

One of the most significant features in Mobile Suit Gundam ROM is the ability to customize your Gundam. You can modify your robot by swapping out weapons and improving the stats. Your choices when building your Gundam will have a direct impact on your performance in the battlefield. It’s essential to find the balance between strength, agility, and health. This feature adds more depth to the game and makes it even more enjoyable.

In conclusion, Mobile Suit Gundam ROM for Sega Saturn is an exciting, action-packed game that promises hours of fun. The quality of the graphics, music, and gameplay are incredible. The storyline is fantastic, and the customization allows you to create your personalized Gundam. It’s a great game that offers a perfect balance of strategy and action. We highly recommend Mobile Suit Gundam ROM to all the gamer fans of the world. If you haven’t played it yet, go grab a copy and let the Gundam battle begins.

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