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Sep 30, 2023


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Mobile Suit Gundam fans, rejoice! The classic anime series turned video game has found a new platform in Sega Saturn. Released in 1997, this game offers an adrenaline-packed gameplay experience to give fans the ultimate thrill. The hype around the game was real, and Sega didn’t disappoint with the launch. It’s a must-play video game, especially for Gundam lovers who want to immerse themselves in the world of giant robots. We explore the Mobile Suit Gundam ROM for Sega Saturn, including its story, graphics, gameplay, and controls.


Mobile Suit Gundam ROM Sega Saturn starts with a story-driven cinematic introduction. The premise is similar to that of an actual episode of the anime. The game takes place during the One Year War between Earth and the space colonies. You play the protagonist, Amuro Ray, a seventeen-year-old civilian who accidentally gets caught up in the war that ultimately forces him to pilot his unit, RX-78-2 Gundam. The gameplay revolves around various missions where you’re tasked with destroying enemy forces to progress the story, continuing until the final battle with Char Aznable. Gundam fans will adore the game’s story and how it ties into the anime series.


Although Mobile Suit Gundam ROM Sega Saturn was released back in 1997, the graphics still hold up today. The game offers a mix of 2D and 3D graphics, with the former being the primary focus. The 2D artwork is impressive, following the same aesthetic style of the anime. The mobile suit designs, landscape, and cinematics are in 2D, while the battles are in 3D. And while the 3D graphics may not be up to standard by today’s standards, it’s still satisfying to watch giant robots go one-on-one, particularly when you’ve taken control of them.


Mobile Suit Gundam ROM Sega Saturn offers challenging but thrilling gameplay. The game features pilot customization, where you can assign different weapons and upgrade parts to your mobile suit to increase your chances of success. Players move across the map to engage enemies and use different weapons, including beam rifles, rocket launchers, shields, and beam sabers. Learning how to maneuver your mobile suit and firing accurately as quickly as possible will be the most challenging part of the game. The more missions you complete, the more chances of upgrading your unit to make it more efficient in battles.


One of the best aspects of Mobile Suit Gundam ROM Sega Saturn is its user-friendly controls. The controls are simple and accessible, with the D-pad and button layout making it easy to move your mobile suit, aim, and fire at enemies. The Saturn controller features six face buttons in a unique button layout, making the controls feel more intuitive than a standard controller. The game’s controls also allow for adjusting the mobile suit’s movement speed and accessing powerful attacks.


Mobile Suit Gundam ROM Sega Saturn is a well-rounded game that lives up to the expectations of the classic anime series. The story is well-developed, the graphics hold up exceptionally well, and the gameplay and controls are highly intuitive. The game’s replayability depends on how much you appreciate the Gundam universe, but for fans of giant robots and nail-biting action, Mobile Suit Gundam ROM for Sega Saturn is a must-play game.

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