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Aug 2, 2023


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Tetris Attack has been a classic game that has been around for decades and has gained a massive following. With the release of Tetris Attack (V1.0) [M] ROM for GameBoy (GB), the game has resurfaced and has become a hot topic amongst gamers. This game has an amazing storyline and offers an incredibly fun gameplay experience. So, whether you are a fan of puzzle games or just looking for a new challenge, Tetris Attack (V1.0) [M] ROM for GB is definitely worth playing.

Overview of the game

Tetris Attack is a puzzle game developed by Intelligent Systems and released back in 1996. The game features Yoshi as the main character and involves matching colored blocks to score points. The gameplay is simple and easy to grasp, but as the levels progress, it gets more and more challenging. The game has an engaging storyline and offers several modes to play, including Endless Mode, Time Attack Mode, or Versus Mode.

Gameplay mechanics

The objective of the game is to match adjacent blocks of the same color. For instance, if you have three or more same-color blocks adjacent to each other, you can eliminate them from the game board. The game board consists of different colored blocks that fall down from the top, and you must strategically match them up to create chains of blocks and score points. You can also earn bonus points by chaining combos or making huge matches.

Versus Mode

Versus mode is where the game’s excitement lies. In this mode, two players can play against each other, either on the same console or over a link cable. The goal is to overwhelm your opponent’s side of the game board faster than they can do to yours. The game adds blocks to your opponent’s game board, which creates the challenge. This mode is where Tetris Attack shines, as it can turn into a high-intensity showdown that keeps players glued to the screen.

Graphics and sound

The graphics in Tetris Attack are minimalistic but colorful and bright. It has a cheerful design that complements the gameplay perfectly. The music in the game fits the game’s theme and does an excellent job of setting the mood for each level. Moreover, the sound effects are crisp and satisfying, which adds to the overall experience.


Tetris Attack (V1.0) [M] ROM for GameBoy (GB) is an excellent port of the original SNES game. It offers hours of fun and challenging gameplay that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re looking to play solo or engage in a competitive battle with a friend, Tetris Attack has got you covered. So why not give it a try and see why it’s been a fan favorite for over two decades?


In conclusion, Tetris Attack is one of the best puzzle games out there and has made a significant impact on the gaming industry. Its simple yet challenging gameplay, engaging storyline, and exciting versus mode make it a must-play for any gamer out there. With the Tetris Attack (V1.0) [M] ROM, you can now experience the game on your GameBoy and enjoy its features while on the go. So why wait? Download it now and relive the classic Tetris Attack experience!

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