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Jun 24, 2023


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Nettou King Of Fighters ’96 ROM is a classic game that was first released in 1996. It is a fighting game developed by SNK that was initially designed for Nintendo’s GameBoy console. Over the years, this game has remained one of the most loved retro games by gaming aficionados globally and has been adopted on a variety of consoles.

The game features some of the best well-known characters from SNK’s fighting games which include; Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury and Psycho Soldier. In this blog post, we will delve into the features that make Nettou King Of Fighters ’96 ROM a classic game and why it is still loved by many gamers today.

Gameplay Mechanics

Nettou King Of Fighters ’96 ROM has some of the most intriguing gameplay mechanics. It features a four-man team combat fighting format where each character on the player’s team is assigned a letter from the alphabet. The player is required to choose four different characters and then fight against other players in a series of battles until they reach the final boss. The boss is often Ryuji Yamazaki and the player must defeat him to be crowned the champ. The game is created in such a way that it can accommodate three different players and each player can select different characters. This multiplayer feature made Nettou King Of Fighters ’96 ROM so popular back then.

Character Selection

One of the most exciting features of Nettou King Of Fighters ’96 ROM is the character selection. It boasts of more than 24 playable characters, each with unique backgrounds and fighting styles. The characters are divided into different categories which include; Art of Fighting Team, Fatal Fury Team, Ikari Warriors Team, and Psycho Soldiers Team. Each team is represented by three different players who play differently with various strengths and weaknesses. Players had the freedom to change their selection of characters during the game, which kept the game exciting and unpredictable.


Visuals are an essential aspect of any game, and this is what has made Nettou King Of Fighters ’96 ROM a classic game. Although it was designed for the GameBoy console, the graphics were exceptional for the time. The characters are displayed in stunning pixelated art that ages well as the years go by. The smooth animations make it a joy to see the characters fight, and the visual effects are still exciting even in the present day.

Sound and Music

The background music and sound effects complement the graphics of Nettou King Of Fighters ’96 ROM. The soundtracks were popular hit themes from SNK’s other games. The music keeps the player company throughout the game and creates a sense of excitement and action. The voice acting is in Japanese, and this adds authenticity to the game.

Game Replayability

Nettou King Of Fighters ’96 ROM is a classic game that has stood the test of time. The game’s challenge, graphics, sound, and character selection have a thrill that has attracted gamers for years. The game is still being played today and not just by old-time gamers. Newer players are also enjoying the game for its retro feel. The fun challenges and multiplayer feature of this game make it a classic fighting game that will always be remembered for years to come.


Nettou King Of Fighters ’96 ROM is an incredible classic game that has remained popular even after over twenty years since its release. The game’s exciting gameplay mechanics, character selection, graphics, sound, and music make it an unforgettable game that offers a fun replayability value. Every gamer should experience this classic game and relive the retro gaming era. You can experience the game by downloading the ROM online or explore a version created for your preferred gaming console. Nettou King Of Fighters ’96 ROM holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers, both new and old.

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