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When it comes to strategy games, XCOM 2 ROM PS4 has entrenched itself as a benchmark in the industry, with its immersive storyline, intense tactical gameplay, and high replayability. For PS4 owners, seeking this experience in the comfort of their living room with the XCOM 2 Resurrection of Monuments expansion (ROM) promises to be one filled with challenge and excitement. In this comprehensive dive into the game, we’ll explore why XCOM 2 ROM PS4 is not just another expansion to the base game but a whole new layer of depth added to an already stellar title.

Introduction: A War of Worlds Revisited

XCOM 2 ROM PS4 needs little introduction. The game, set in a future where the Earth is under aliens’ tyrannical rule, thrusts players into a position of xeno-resistance, forcing them to employ every ounce of strategy to overcome the odds. The game has found a cult following among strategy aficionados who appreciate its relentless difficulty mixed with heart-pounding turn-based combat.

The ROM expansion, tailor-made for PS4, expands on this stark narrative by adding a mix of new missions, enemies, and most notably, the ability to restore key monuments. But does it truly enhance the XCOM 2 experience? Let’s find out.

Gameplay Overview: Strategy Refined

For those unfamiliar, XCOM 2 ROM PS4 is tactical strategy gaming at its finest. You, the Commander, lead a resistance force to combat an alien regime through turn-based combat. The ROM expansion is no different; what it does is add several new layers of strategy, making your choices as the leader even more impactful.

Command the Resistance

The game offers an unparalleled level of customization and player agency. Every decision in the base management aspect can have far-reaching consequences, and the ROM expansion ensures these choices become even more diverse.

Engage in Tactical Missions

The heart of the game lies in its tactical missions. From city centers to the harsh deserts, each location offers unique challenges that require you to use your wits and your squad’s skills to survive.

Restore Monuments

A new feature in ROM, the ability to reclaim and restore key Earthly landmarks, adds not just in narrative but in gameplay too. These missions are both high-reward ventures and intense challenges, often requiring you to tread risky paths to reclaim them.

Graphics and Visuals: A Sci-Fi Fantasy Brought to Life

The beauty of XCOM 2 ROM PS4 lies not just in its gameplay but in its presentation. The ROM expansion’s visuals take the beauty of the base game’s environments and elevate them, depicting a world that’s both hauntingly alien and familiarly war-torn.

A World of Contrast

ROM’s visual art style does well to contrast the futuristic alien surroundings with the landmarks we hold dear, now fallen and grey under alien rule. The attention to detail in these graphics is a testament to the developers’ commitment to immersion.

Dynamic Visual Effects

The game doesn’t hold back on visual effects. As you traverse through smoky battlefields, or silently move through the urban sprawl, the dynamic lighting and environmental effects serve to make every encounter a cinematic experience.

Storyline and Characters: Writing the Resistance

XCOM 2 ROM PS4 is not just about the battles, it’s about the journey, and the ROM expansion adds another layer to this journey.

An Expanded Narrative

The expansion’s storyline, although a continuation of the base game’s, manages to feel fresh and engaging. The threads that connect the missions, characters, and the monument restoration bring an element of progression that players will appreciate.

Deep Character Development

The bond you grow with your squad members is critical to the narrative. ROM enhances this by adding backstory and depth to each character, making every loss in battle a poignant moment in your own war story.

Game Difficulty and Challenge: The Gauntlet Awaits

XCOM 2 ROM PS4 is notorious for its steep learning curve and unforgiving nature, and ROM stays true to this, upping the ante in both challenge and variety.

Strategic Complexity

The decisions you make in XCOM 2 matter, and the ROM expansion adds another layer of complexity to these decisions. From resource management to mission selection, each choice must be weighed carefully against the ever-persistent alien threat.

Adaptive AI

The game’s AI is relentless, adapting to your tactics and keeping you on your toes. New enemies and mission types push you to constantly evolve your strategy or face the consequences.

Unique Features and Mechanics: The ROM Rune Rules

The ROM expansion is not just a rehashing of the base game’s mechanics but an infusion of new features that deepen the experience.

Monument Restoration

As mentioned before, the ability to restore monuments is a game-changer. These missions offer high-risk, high-reward tasks that require careful planning and tactics, presenting a challenge that goes beyond the battlefield.

New Soldier Classes and Abilities

ROM introduces new classes and abilities that add greater variety to your squad. These fresh additions ensure that even seasoned XCOM veterans will have to rethink their strategies.

Pros and Cons: The Gamers’ Debate

Every game has its strengths and weaknesses, and XCOM 2 ROM PS4 is no exception.


  • The expansion offers a significant amount of content that is both enjoyable and seamlessly integrated into the base game.
  • The monument restoration missions add a new layer of tactical gameplay that complements the existing gameplay loop effectively.
  • The visual enhancements and added graphical effects are a treat for the eyes and contribute to the game’s immersive experience.


  • The added challenge might be off-putting for new players, potentially making the learning curve steeper.
  • Some players might find the addition of new mechanics and classes overwhelming.

User Experience and Reviews: The Voice of the Players

What’s the word on the streets of XCOM 2 ROM PS4? Let’s hear from the gamers themselves.

“Absolutely love the ROM expansion. As a long-time XCOM fan, it’s great to see new content that doesn’t just add more missions, but changes the game so fundamentally.”

“The difficulty spike is noticeable, but for veterans of the series, it’s the challenge we’ve been waiting for. Highly recommend giving ROM a try if you love XCOM.”

Conclusion: A Monumental Achievement

XCOM 2 Resurrection of Monuments stands tall as a worthy expansion to the base game. It brings not just more of the same action and story but refines the strategy element that has made XCOM 2 ROM PS4 a celebrated title. For PS4 owners and strategy aficionados, this is an expansion that’s hard to pass up.

As the battle for Earth’s freedom rages on, the choice is clear. Will you rise to the challenge and lead the resistance to victory once more? The monument of your legacy in XCOM 2 awaits.

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