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Jun 16, 2023


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X-Men: Destiny is a popular game for Nintendo DS developed by Activision Studios. The game is based on Marvel Comics and allows players to take control of a new mutant making their way through the ranks of the X-Men. As a professional game reviewer, I have played and explored this game inside out to give you a comprehensive review that will help you decide if X-Men: Destiny ROM is worth your time and money.

Plot & Gameplay

X-Men: Destiny is a single-player game that offers a unique storyline for players to follow. The game’s plot is engaging, with players taking on a role as a new mutant arriving at the X-Mansion. From the beginning, players can choose which class of mutant they want to belong to – Power, Speed, or Energy Projection. These classes determine the kinds of abilities they will be able to use during the game. Players can also make crucial decisions during the game that will shape their character’s destiny. The gameplay offers a mix of RPG (Role-Playing Game) and action, where players engage in battles with enemies while completing objectives to move the story forward.

Graphics & Sound

X-Men: Destiny has great graphics and sound quality, which is no surprise given that Activision has some expertise in this area. The game’s graphics depict the locales and environments of the X-Men universe, and the character designs are impressive. The excellent sound effects and soundscape add to the game’s overall atmosphere and are integral in creating a more immersive gameplay experience.


X-Men: Destiny’s replayability isn’t its strongest point, but this doesn’t mean the game is a one-time-only experience. As I mentioned earlier, the game has a branching story that offers several choices for players to make. These decisions have an impact on the player’s character’s path and can result in one of three different endings. However, once you’ve tried out all of the classes and seen all the endings, the game’s replayability diminishes. Players may also find that the game’s combat mechanics become repetitive after a while.

Bugs & Glitches

X-Men: Destiny does have some bugs, glitches, and frame rate drop issues to contend with. These issues are prevalent in some of the game’s cut scenes, which can be frustrating, given how important cut scenes can be for storytelling. Again, these issues are minor, and they do not detract from the overall gaming experience.

Pros & Cons

In summary, X-Men: Destiny’s pros and cons are as follows:

  • Fantastic graphics and sound quality
  • Engaging storyline and immersive gameplay
  • Creative character classes and unique abilities


  • Weak replayability
  • Repetitive combat mechanics
  • Minor glitches and frame rate drops


As a professional game reviewer, I believe that X-Men: Destiny is an excellent game for those looking for an immersive, story-driven game with an X-Men twist. Although the game might suffer from bugs, repetitive combat systems, and lack of replayability, it still manages to be a fun and exciting game. Fans of the X-Men franchise will enjoy being able to create their mutant and follow their destiny as they make their way through the X-Mansion. Overall, I would recommend X-Men: Destiny ROM, as it offers an enjoyable and engaging experience for players of all levels.

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