A Fan’s Guide to WWF: Road to WrestleMania for GBA

Are you a fan of the World Wrestling Federation? Longing to step into the ring and be part of the action? The GBA game WWF: Road to WrestleMania ROM is here to help! Released in 2003, this ROM allows players to become various superstars from the WWF roster and compete through a series of matches. But what makes this ROM so special? Let’s take a closer look.


The game is fairly straightforward but also quite fun. You start off as one of three characters—Triple H for SmackDown!, Kane for RAW, or Stone Cold Steve Austin for WWE—and then battle your way through several match types including tag team, hardcore, cage matches, royal rumbles and more. As you win matches and complete objectives, new gear and moves are unlocked which gives you an advantage in future matches. The end goal is to reach the titular WrestleMania event where you will face off against Vince McMahon himself in an epic battle.

Graphics & Sound

The graphics are fairly basic but still quite colorful. Animations are smooth and the character models are well-defined with nice details like tattoos and accessories being accurately represented. The soundtrack consists mostly of rock music which adds energy to each match while sound effects help bring things like punches and kicks to life. All in all, the presentation is quite solid overall.


For fans of wrestling games who want something that’s both fun yet challenging, WWF: Road to WrestleMania on GBA is definitely worth checking out. With multiple unlockable characters and plenty of match types available, there’s something for everyone here. Why not seize the opportunity and give it a go today? Download the ROM from our site now and begin your journey to WrestleMania!

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