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June 19, 2023


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WWE 2K20 ROM PS4 Review – A Must-Have for All Wrestling Fans if you are a fan of wrestling games, then you must be familiar with the WWE 2K series. The latest addition to the series is WWE 2K20 ROM PS4. It has been long-awaited by fans due to its improved graphics and gameplay features. In this review, we will be discussing the game’s key features and why it should be a must-have for all wrestling fans.

Improved Graphics and Gameplay

WWE 2K20 ROM PS4 comes with improved graphics compared to its predecessors. The wrestlers’ facial expressions, body movements, and attire details have all been enhanced, providing a more realistic experience. Also, the game’s improved gameplay features, including new reversal animations and submission system, added backstage fighting, make matches more enjoyable.

Better Customization Options

WWE 2K20 ROM PS4 comes with better customization options when compared to its predecessors. More hair, makeup, and outfit options are available, and you can even create your wrestlers using the “Create A Wrestler” mode. The mode features a new face scan feature that allows you to upload a photograph of yourself, and the game automatically generates a character that features your likeness.

New Storylines

In WWE 2K20 ROM PS4, the game has introduced new storylines that allow players to create their own wrestler journeys. The MyCareer mode has been redesigned, and you can now play as either a male or female wrestler. The mode also features a new storyline, where you start as an indie wrestler and work your way up to WWE.

Improved Match Types

WWE 2K20 ROM PS4 features improved match types that make the game more challenging. The new “Mixed Gender Tag Matches” and the “2 on 2 on 2 on 2 tag matches” make matches more exciting and unpredictable. Additionally, the game’s new “Showcase” mode showcases some of the WWE’s most significant events and legends, including Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.

More Multiplayer Options

The game’s multiplayer options are more extensive than ever before. WWE 2K20 ROM PS4 allows you to connect with up to four players online or offline. The game’s “Online Lobby” feature allows you to choose a match type and a wrestler, and then you will be matched with other players online instantly.


In conclusion, WWE 2K20 ROM PS4 is a game that every wrestling fan should have in their collection. With its improved graphics, gameplay features, and customization options, the game surpasses its predecessors. Its new storylines, match types, and multiplayer options provide endless hours of fun for both solo and multiplayer players. So, what are you waiting for? Get your copy today!

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