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May 17, 2023




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WWE 2K19 ROM PS4 is the latest edition of the famous pro wrestling video game franchise that has been delighting gamers for more than a decade now. The game has a lot of new features and improvements that make it stand out from the previous versions. From the amazing graphics to the intuitive controls to the vast roster of Superstars, WWE 2K19 ROM PS4 has everything to offer a wrestling fan. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the game and provide an honest review of it.




First, the graphics of the game is the most outstanding feature that any player would notice. The level of detail in the game is top-notch, starting from the texture of each Superstar’s attire to the movements in the ring and the crowd reactions. The visuals complement the overall experience one would have while playing the game. Even the backstage scenarios are impressive, and the player can fully immerse themselves in the world of wrestling.

The controls of the game are also smooth and easy to understand. The players can perform all the moves more precisely and fluidly than any of the previous WWE 2K19 ROM PS4 games. The full customization feature allows players to customize each Superstar’s movesets to suit their personal preferences. In addition, the game offers a unique gameplay experience like no other, where a player can form their own WWE programme every week! This excellent feature allows for endless entertainment, and different programming options are available to unlock as the player progresses through the game.

However, the game’s audio could be a potential downfall. The entrance themes and commentary feel flat and uninspiring. Also, there is quite a little improvement regarding the commentary when you compare it to the history of the series. Furthermore, the loading times can be relatively long and are continuously flashing off-camera shots, which can be very annoying when played for a lengthy period.

Another exceptional element of the game is the roster. Over 200 Superstars, Divas and Legends are available for playing on the game! The game offers the players the chance to live out their fantasies by playing through their dream matches. Even the new additions of the Superstars from the Mae Young Classic inject a fresh angle to this new edition of the game. With so many characters, you may not be having a wrestling fan who cannot find their favourite wrestler in the game.


Overall, anyone who is a wrestling fan and a fan of the SWWE 2K series will enjoy SWWE 2K19 ROM PS4. With its excellent graphics, intuitive controls, extensive customization, vast roster, and the unique gameplay mode, it is a must-have game for wrestling enthusiasts. With a few potential improvements such as the game’s audio quality and loading time, this game provides a perfect simulation of the world of pro wrestling. For that reason, this game earns a high recommendation for anyone that savours wrestling games, loads of action, and a massive roster of icons to choose from with the added full customization element.

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