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Dec 20, 2022




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WCW Backstage Assault ROM is a professional wrestling video game released for the ROM Nintendo 64 in 2000. It was developed by Electronic Arts and is based on World Championship Wrestling (WCW). It features multiple single-player, multiplayer, and exhibition modes, as well as an extensive create-a-wrestler option. The game allows players to take control of a variety of wrestlers from WCW’s roster at the time or create their own unique character.

The game takes place backstage rather than in the ring, meaning that matches occur mostly in locker rooms, hallways, and other parts of arenas instead of a traditional wrestling rink. This also means that weapons can be used throughout the matches. Each wrestler has access to various objects they may use as weapons, including toolboxes, baseball bats, fire extinguishers, and more.

Players can also train their wrestlers by obtaining experience points from successful strikes and grapples during matches. As the wrestler’s level increases, they will gain access to new moves and attacks. Additionally, players can purchase various items in the game such as clothes, accessories, and other special features for their wrestlers.

WCW Backstage Assault ROM for Nintendo 64 is a great way to get into wrestling games and have a lot of fun with friends or family members. The detailed introduction to the world of WCW means that even those who are unfamiliar with the sport can quickly get up to speed with how it works. And the extensive create-a-wrestler feature makes it possible to customize the appearance of your characters, allowing you to really make them stand out from the crowd. With a wide range of moves available, plenty of items to purchase, and an immersive storyline, WCW Backstage Assault ROM for Nintendo 64 is an entertaining wrestling game that will keep players hooked.

Whether you are looking for a good challenge or just want some light-hearted fun with friends, WCW Backstage Assault ROM is sure to deliver. Get ready for a thrilling ride in the world of professional wrestling – all from the comfort of your own home.

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