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Aug 10, 2022




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Wario is a popular character, so what are your thoughts on him? Those two are Mario, but Wario is the one who has been disguising himself to star in a fascinating television show. This variation makes many individuals feel joyful and restores the gaming sensation with this item. Once, while watching TV with Mario, he became interested in a character that could disguise himself as someone else to steal the thieving master of disguise’s name. He wields an enchanted wand that can quickly alter costumes and offers various abilities. Mario has already entered the TV and seized a thief’s quick-change wand before taking over a program.

Wario: Master of Disguise will detail Wario’s progress through many episodes with his new abilities. He’ll come upon several new things, including a luxury liner, watery ruins, and an Egyptian pyramid! With many various forms of energy that weren’t accessible in earlier versions, it attracts players from all around the world. The protagonist’s journey will be taken across numerous locations for one purpose alone: to discover as many riches as possible and take them. Wario discovers another secret, which is far more valuable: an ancient relic that may be used to make wishes. But he also learned that the master of disguises never gives up when it comes to thievery. He always follows and tries to reclaim everything that is his. Players must become more agile; find riches before their opponents do and utilize that advantage.

The eight varieties of costumes that Wario may wear will be unlocked at each stage. There will only be one variety of Thief Wario at first, but it will increase in number and become more frequent. You may replay previous episodes to test out the immensely powerful costumes that you have unlocked. You’ll be stronger than most challenges here, so look for secret riches that were previously too weak to obtain. However, don’t forget about the ultimate goal: obtaining the ancient artifact’s desire.

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