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If you’re a game enthusiast, especially when it comes to PlayStation Vita games, then you’re probably familiar with Velocity 2X ROM. Released in 2014, it quickly became one of the most popular games on the platform. But, what exactly is Velocity 2X ROM? In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Velocity 2X ROM for PlayStation Vita games.

What is Velocity 2X ROM?

Velocity 2X ROM is a space-themed platform video game developed by FuturLab. It was initially released as a downloadable game for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 consoles in 2014. Velocity 2X ROM combines two different genres, a side-scrolling platformer, and a top-down shoot ’em up to create an entirely new experience.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay in Velocity 2X ROM is fast-paced and challenging. Players control the protagonist, Lt. Kai Tana, and her teleporting spaceship Quarp Jet through levels, attempting to eliminate enemies while also moving through the obstacles. What makes the game stand out is the seamless transition from the side-scrolling platformer to the top-down shooter mode. There are also various power-ups throughout the game that give the players temporary boosts.

Reception and Awards

Velocity 2X ROM received praise from critics and players alike. It was nominated for the Best Handheld Game and Best Independent Game awards at the 2015 BAFTA Games Awards. The game’s fluid gameplay, stunning visuals, and great soundtrack made it one of the best-received games of the past decade.

How to Play Velocity 2X ROM?

To play Velocity 2X ROM on PlayStation Vita, you can download it from the PlayStation Store. Once downloaded, start the game, and you’ll be taken through a tutorial to get you familiar with the controls. The game can be played with the PS Vita analog stick, buttons, or touch screen.

Why You Should Play Velocity 2X ROM

Velocity 2X ROM is a game that pushes you to the limits. Its challenging gameplay and the seamless transition from platformer to shooter mode make it a unique and satisfying experience. Plus, it’s stunning visuals and amazing soundtrack make it one of the best-looking and sounding games on the PlayStation Vita.


In conclusion, Velocity 2X ROM is an excellent game that should be played by anyone who loves challenging gameplay and stunning visuals. Its mix of platformer and shooter genres creates a new experience that will keep you engaged for hours. With its critical acclaim and numerous awards, there’s no doubt that Velocity 2X ROM is one of the best games on the PlayStation Vita. Download it from the PlayStation Store and get ready to embark on an intergalactic adventure that’ll have you coming back for more.

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