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Jun 5, 2022




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Tomb Raider 2 ROM takes players to China after completing a mission in the barren land in Mexico in Tomb Raider I. This version came out in 1999, and it added many new twists for players. The Dagger of Xian is a mythical Chinese artifact that is said to be the ultimate weapon. The user of this weapon will suffer calamity in the future if he or she utilizes the Dagger of Xian. An emperor armed with the Dagger of Xian tried to unify China centuries ago. The user of this weapon may be stabbed with it, and he will not die or be transformed into a dragon – an ancient monster of the east. This emperor subsequently led his troops to defeat several other nations in order to unify ancient China. This weapon, on the other hand, is tainted by the dragon’s toxicity. The owner of the Dagger of Xian will become a villain very soon. As a result, this king became a tyrant and caused many people significant harm. A rebellion broke out, and the Tibetan monks withdrew the Dagger of Xian from the king’s chest and buried it at the Great Wall. After that, this emperor’s reign came to an end. 

Lara Croft discovered the Dagger of Xian and discovered this hazardous weapon many years later. One of Marco Bartoli’s henchmen stole the knife from Lara Croft and vanished. The aim of Marco Bartoli is to use the Dagger of Xian to become stronger and dominate the world. To learn how to control the Dagger of Xian and stop Marco Bartoli, Lara traveled to Tibet. With his superior abilities, she has overcome a number of obstacles and ultimately destroyed Marco Bartoli in game’s end. At the conclusion of the game, Lara recovered possession of the Dagger of Xi an returned it back inside the Great Wall where it belongs. 

This version of Tomb Raider is similar to the original in terms of gameplay. The storyline was what made the second half of Tomb Raider’s series so popular, and it is greatly appreciated by gamers. In addition, when facing Marco Bartoli, you will have the option to use a variety of new and more powerful weapons. You’ll need to utilize reasonable weapons in order to overcome obstacles; don’t waste a bullet on your quest. 

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