Are you a fan of the classic ThunderCats cartoon series? Have you ever wanted to play as Lion-O, Tygra, or Cheetara? Look no further than ThunderCats ROM for Nintendo DS. This action-packed game takes you on a journey through the ThunderCats’ world of Third Earth. In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about ThunderCats for Nintendo DS, from game mechanics to character abilities.


ThunderCats is an action-adventure game that requires players to solve puzzles and defeat enemies to progress through the game. It features six playable characters with unique abilities. Lion-O, for example, can wield the Sword of Omens and perform ThunderCats’ iconic call, while Tygra uses his whip to swing from platform to platform. The game’s controls are easy to learn, with the touch screen used to execute special moves.


The game follows the plot of the classic animated series, with additional story elements incorporated to make the game feel fresh. The ThunderCats find themselves stranded on Third Earth and must gather the Power Stones, a magical artifact that gives the wielder incredible power. Along the way, they encounter the evil Mumm-Ra, who sends his minions to stop the ThunderCats at every turn.

Graphics and Sound

ThunderCats boasts impressive 2D graphics that faithfully replicate the look and feel of the animated series. The sound department is equally impressive, with original voice actors lending their talents to the game. The game’s score is atmospheric and enhances the game’s action and exploration.

Levels and Challenges

ThunderCats features a wide range of levels, each with unique challenges to overcome. Levels range from platforming areas to puzzle-focused sections. Boss fights occur at the end, providing a climactic encounter for each level. While the game proves challenging at times, checkpoints are plentiful, allowing players to make steady progress.


ThunderCats for Nintendo DS includes unlockable content, including character concept art and alternate skins for each character. The game encourages replay by allowing players to revisit completed levels to find unlockables that were missed. With a total playtime of around six hours, the game is on the shorter side. However, it provides an enjoyable experience that will make fans of the series happy and wanting to play through again.


ThunderCats is a must-play for fans of the classic animated series. With its fun gameplay mechanics, faithful graphics and sound, and varied levels and challenges, it stands out among other licensed games. The game is perfect for younger audiences, thanks to its accessibility and lack of explicit violence. However, with its easy-to-learn controls, enjoyable story, and accessible difficulty level, older audiences will also get a kick out of it. Overall, ThunderCats ROM for Nintendo DS offers a fun and engaging experience that is hard not to recommend.

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