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Jun 2, 2024




Super Robot Wars V ROM PS4 is yet another game in the long-running Super Robot Wars series. This game features iconic mecha anime series from the past and present, all bundled into one grand experience. With such a rich pedigree, does this game hold up to expectations? Is it worth the time and money investment? Well take an in-depth look at Super Robot Wars V ROM for PS4 and see if it’s a game worth your time.

Graphics and Presentation

It’s essential in a mecha anime game to capture the essence of giant robots clashing and fighting on-screen. Super Robot Wars V ROM PS4 does this with flying colors. There’s a lot of attention to detail in this game, with detailed animations and models that make every attack or movement feel impactful. The transition between the animation and gameplay is seamless, making it feel like you’re really in the cockpit of your favorite mecha.


Super Robot Wars V ROM PS4 features a turn-based strategy system, with player units taking movements and attacks in turn with enemy units. There’s a lot of depth to the combat system, with a wide range of mecha and pilot abilities to master, which can sync together to create fantastic and powerful combinations. The game also features a ‘Spirit’ system, which can significantly boost or weaken character stats during combat. It is especially useful for boss fights or if a player is in a tight spot.


Super Robot Wars V ROM PS4 story is about the various pilots who are part of the ‘Earth Federation Army’ on their quest to protect the Earth from a mysterious antagonist called the ‘Inspectors.’ The story features prominent anime series like Gundam, Evangelion, and Cross Ange, among others. The narrative is filled with twists and turns and is sure to keep players on their toes.

Replay Value

One of the most significant advantages of Super Robot Wars V ROM PS4 is the plentiful replay value the game offers. The game features not just one, but several branching paths that players can pursue, depending on their choices. The game also features several difficulty modes, providing various levels of challenges that should appeal to both beginner and hardcore players.


Super Robot Wars V ROM PS4 is a fantastic mecha anime game that hits all the right notes, especially for fans of the genre. The game’s combat mechanics are deep and engaging, there’s plenty to do and see, and the story mode is genuinely engaging. The game is not without its flaws, however, and the difficulty spikes at certain points in the story or the combats can be frustrating for some players, but overall, Super Robot Wars V ROM PS4 is a game well worth the investment. We highly recommend this game to anyone looking for an immersive mecha anime game experience.

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