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Aug 22, 2023


6.4 GB


Super Bubble Pop is a classic puzzle game that has been entertaining us for almost two decades now. Developed by Runecraft, this game is still popular among puzzle lovers. If you’re one of the fans of this classic game and want to experience it once again, the Super Bubble Pop ROM for Xbox is an option you need to explore. Here in this post, we will dive into the details about the game, its gameplay, and how you can get your hands on the ROM.


In Super Bubble Pop, players have to pop bubbles of different colors, stacked in rows on the screen. The game has multiple levels, each with its unique challenge, making it harder to pop the bubbles. The game has five DJ poppers to choose from, and each has a favorite bubble color. When they pop that color, color energy goes into their jar, which is used to unleash a unique attack.

Modes and Level Designs

The game consists of three difficulty modes, including training mode. It means you get 200 different levels to pop the bubbles and enjoy the game. Moreover, you can play with a friend in the two-player mode, where you both can compete for the highest score. Each level requires you to complete it by either popping all the bubbles or collecting Level Stars.

Special Attacks and Torus

The players can use nine different special attacks to help complete the levels by obtaining special bubbles. The current special attack that the player has is displayed on the wheel called Torus. For example, one of the special attacks is to ‘pop the same color’ bubbles; it makes leveling easier by removing more bubbles of the same color.

ROM for Xbox

The Super Bubble Pop ROM for Xbox is the easiest way to enjoy this classic puzzle game. You can easily play it on your Xbox or PC, and the settings are just like the original game. It means you can still choose your favorite DJ popper and play the game without worrying about any limitations.


Super Bubble Pop is one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. The game is still popular after 20 years that says a lot about its gameplay and challenge. With different gameplay modes, special attacks, and unlockable characters, Super Bubble Pop is one of the games you can play multiple times without getting bored. If you want to get your hands on the Super Bubble Pop ROM for Xbox to relive the nostalgia, just search it online and enjoy the game in the comfort of your home.

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