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Jan , 29 2024


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Summon Night X – Tears Crown ROM – Get Ready to Summon Your Night!

Hey there gamers! Are you looking for a new Nintendo DS game to dive into? Do you love RPGs and summoning epic creatures to battle your enemies? Then Summon Night X – Tears Crown (JP) ROM is the game for you! In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at this popular game and discuss how you can download the ROM for your device. Whether you’re a long-time Summon Night fan or a newcomer to the series, this is an adventure you won’t want to miss. So let’s get ready to summon our night and dive into the world of Tears Crown!

Summon Night X – Tears Crown was originally released in Japan in 2009 and features an engaging storyline, fun gameplay, and beautiful graphics. Players take on the role of Phara, a young woman who discovers she has the power to summon powerful creatures called Astra. As she travels through the world of Clardona, she must gather other summoners and their Astra in order to defeat a powerful enemy and save the land from destruction.

The game features a robust crafting system, allowing players to create new weapons, armor, and items by combining materials gathered on their journey. There are also a variety of side quests and mini-games to keep you busy, including fishing, cooking, and even participating in a fashion show!

One of the most unique aspects of Summon Night X – Tears Crown is its combat system. Battles take place on a grid-based battlefield, where players must move their characters and Astra strategically to take down their opponents. Each Astra has its own abilities and strengths, so choosing the right combination for your party is crucial to success.

If you’re itching to play the game yourself, the good news is that you don’t need to own a physical copy of the game. Instead, you can download the Summon Night X – Tears Crown JP ROM from sites like Techtoroms. This ROM works with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, so you can play on your device of choice.

Of course, we always encourage gamers to support the developers and publishers behind their favorite games by purchasing official copies. However, for those who can’t purchase the game due to availability or financial constraints, downloading a ROM can be a viable option.


In conclusion, Summon Night X – Tears Crown is an exciting and engaging RPG that’s sure to please fans of the genre. With its unique summoning system, crafting mechanics, and strategy-based combat, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into. And with the option to download the ROM for your device, there’s no reason not to give it a try. So grab your stylus and get ready to summon your night – the adventure awaits!

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