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Aug 18, 2023




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Remember the days when PlayStation (PSX) was the talk of the town, from its catchy themes to its multipurpose functionality? It was not just for game play, but a complete entertainment package for all ages. It was a time when playing games on PlayStation meant experiencing an adventure, surrounded by engaging plots and interesting characters. One game that stands out even now is 1: Match-A-Batch ROM. This puzzle game is still a favorite among its followers, with its unique gameplay and engaging story. Let us take a journey back to the past and revisit this timeless classic.

The Nostalgia of 1: Match-A-Batch ROM for Playstation(PSX)

The gameplay of 1: Match-A-Batch ROM is simple yet intriguing. The game involves matching batches of colored blocks in a two-dimensional grid. The blocks should be matched vertically or horizontally, with a minimum of three identical colors in a row. The objective of the game is to clear the board of colored blocks as quickly as possible. The game includes an array of power-ups, which the player can achieve if they manage to match four or more batches. The powerups help to clear the board quickly and boost the player’s score.

The game has a unique setting where the player takes on the role of an alien squad assigned to protect their planet by matching batches of colored blocks before they reach the planet. The player leads the squad through different missions, each having a different objective that contributes to saving their planet. The player progresses through the game by completing a set number of missions and earning a sufficient number of points.

The game has an interesting story that unfolds as the player progresses through the missions. The story takes place in a far-distant planet, where the alien race is threatened by a rogue asteroid shower that can cause massive destruction if it falls on the planet. The players’ objective is to diligently select the batches of blocks to protect their planet while investigating the cause of the asteroid shower.

The game’s graphics and sound effects are still commendable even after two decades. It features colorful blocks and exciting sound effects that complement the game’s vibe. The soundtracks are upbeat and engaging, adding a kick to the gameplay. The game is entertaining to play with friends for a fun and competitive time.


In conclusion, 1: Match-A-Batch ROM is a classic game that has not lost its charm even after two decades. Its colorful graphics, engaging storyline, and challenging gameplay continue to attract a wide range of fans. Its long-standing timelessness serves as a reminder to the beauty of classic games, their endless entertainment stretch beyond generations. If you haven’t played 1: Match-A-Batch ROM, it is time you grab hold of a PlayStation and experience the thrill yourself. Trust us; it’s worth it!

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