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27th Aug 2013


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Nothing quite beats the joy and excitement of retracing the steps of classic gaming favorites. Though many iconic games have gone the way of the dodo, you can still relive the glory days of video gaming with one of the most revered titles of all time: Spelunky.

Developed by Derek Yu, Spelunky is a game that contains everything that defines retro gaming nostalgia; high-level difficulty, secret areas, and a unique art style. Though the game’s original release date is a distant memory, you can still experience it via the Spelunky ROM PS Vita. Let’s explore the ins and outs of accessing this game and reliving a classic title.

What’s a Spelunky ROM PS Vita?

ROM here stands for Read-Only Memory, and its PS Vita variant means that the game is now available for download onto your handheld console. As a reminder, the PS Vita is a portable gaming console that allows you to play games on the go, Its modern hardware will enable you to play the updated version of Spelunky, with Swiss clockwork-like efficiency.

Accessing the Spelunky ROM on PS Vita

To access the Spelunky ROM, ensure that you have downloaded and installed Henkaku, a software that allows you to install homebrew software on the PS Vita. You’ll also need to install VitaShell, a file manager, to access the hidden file path of the PS Vita and locate the Spelunky ROM. Once you have these two applications, extract the content of the Spelunky archive to the Vita memory card and voila, you’re ready to play.

Playing the Spelunky

Spelunky is an unforgiving game, not only because of its multi-layered levels but because of its platformer genre. You’ll encounter enemies that roam in a pattern, random traps, and challenging bosses. Play your cards right, and you’ll discover hidden paths and rare items. It’s a game that demands patience, time, and skill, but if you’re an old-school gamer, you’ll love the thrill of playing it.

Why You Should Revisit Spelunky

Spelunky is one of those classic games that players love because of its simplicity and gameplay mechanics. Though the graphics aren’t as engaging as many of today’s offerings, the game leverages something that transcends design: a compelling storyline and unrivaled gameplay. Each level transports you to a new world that’s challenging and demanding at the same time.


Spelunky ROM PS Vita presents an excellent opportunity for classic gamers to play the game on modern hardware. You don’t have to worry about remastered versions ruining the joy of the original gameplay; you can experience it just as you did during its original release. Besides, amidst all the flashy graphics and the storyline of the modern games, the Spelunky still holds a lot of charm and character, and this ROM offers a chance to relive it. Get your hands on the Spelunky ROM today and fall in love with retro gaming all over again.

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