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Oct 10, 2023


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Space Invaders is one of the most iconic arcade games of all time, and for those of us who grew up with it, defending Earth from waves of invading aliens is etched in our memories. Now, thanks to Techtoroms, you can relive those epic battles once again with Space Invaders Revolution ROM for NDS download. This exciting new take on the classic franchise is a true revolution, with new invader types, new rules, and new ways to destroy them. In this post, we’ll explore what Space Invaders Revolution has to offer, and why you should give it a try.

Classic Mode

If you’re feeling nostalgic, Classic Mode offers a faithful reproduction of the original arcade machine. You’ll face the same old-fashioned invaders with their familiar movement patterns, but with modern graphics that enhance the experience. It’s a great way to relive the golden age of arcades, and a fun challenge for anyone who remembers how to play.

New Era Mode

For those who want a fresh take on Space Invaders, New Era Mode is the way to go. The simple rules of the original game are expanded and twisted into a revolutionary step for the franchise. The mode takes the form of a world tour, with the player confronting the Space Invaders at 20 recognisable geographical locations. In total, there are 60 levels to defend and 13 different types of invader to battle. Each location has its unique challenges and boss battles, ensuring that the action remains fresh and exciting throughout the game.


As the action becomes progressively more intense, you’ll need all the help you can get. That’s where power-ups come in. Protective shields, additional support craft, rapid-fire shots, and column-clearing laser beams are just a few of the game-changing bonuses that can help you defeat the invaders. Knowing when and how to use them is the key to success.

Graphics and Sound

Space Invaders Revolution features updated graphics and sound effects, enhancing the experience of playing this classic game. The game has a retro-futuristic look and feel that pays tribute to the past while remaining fresh and modern.


Space Invaders have been a beloved game for decades, and Space Invaders Revolution is an excellent way to experience the franchise in a new, exciting way. With both Classic and New Era modes available, and 60 challenging levels to defend, you’ll be entertained for hours. Techtoroms offers NDS download for Space Invaders Revolution ROM, making it easier than ever to play this outstanding game. So what are you waiting for? Relive the glory of arcade games and defend Earth from alien invaders once again!

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