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The Gizoid, also known as the Destroyer of Worlds, is an ancient device that was produced by a civilization over four thousand years ago and was used to kill thousands. It’s a robot in the form of a weapon that was created millennia ago and wreaked havoc across Earth. However, when the declining came upon them with wars all around, it was covered once more. Professor Gerald Robotnik had dug it up for the purpose of future study. Nonetheless, it was constructed using obsolete technology, which is why he struggled to comprehend and even unable to operate it, thus he abandoned it at Emerald Beach. Sonic then rediscovered and utilized the emerald to make it function again. However, he later discovered that it was a weapon programmed to destroy humanity and its mimicking ability made things much worse. Dr. Eggman has studied this subject extensively. As anger builds up inside him, Dr. Eggman wants to wake the Gizoid’s real nature.

In story mode, fights are held on a 3D map in one of these locations: Emerald Town, Holy Summit, Central City, Night Babylon, and Gimme Shelter. The system sets a time limit for the player to defeat the opponent by either scoring, timing, or surviving.

In terms of combat, each character will have basic skills such as punching and kicking, with a modest degree of influence in the medium range. Special techniques like consuming Ichikoro energy will deal significant damage to opponents and have a greater range of effect. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Shadow, Rouge, Rabbit , E-102 Gamma , and Chaos are all playable characters. Although they look similar, they’re built differently. They have distinctive combat approaches and distinct advantages in various areas. Sonic is quick, Tails can reach higher heights, and Amy has more devastating attacks than any of the others.

There are also numerous customizable mode choices, such as a single “battle arena” in single-player mode, which allows you to choose the unlocked characters for role-playing and any arena. In terms of multiplayer mode, it will allow you to engage in difficult mode or compete with each other in the arena by connecting three GBA devices. Furthermore, there are five additional Minigames to try out: Speed Demon, Treasure Island, Fly & Get, Soniclash, and Mine Hunt. They’re built around a basic system that will provide a description or instructions when the game is first played. Most of them aren’t accessible yet because they must be unlocked by completing specific stages.

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