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Sky Force Anniversary is a game that captures the essence of arcade classics in a modern-day format, and today we will be diving deep into this game to give you a detailed review. Sky Force Anniversary is a game developed by Infinite Dreams and is available on different platforms, including PlayStation Vita, iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. In this review, we will focus on the Sky Force Anniversary ROM for the PlayStation Vita platform, which is an extraordinary experience filled with upgrades, power-ups, and endless waves of enemies.


The game is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up game, where players must traverse through ever-increasing enemy armies while dodging bullets and blasting enemies with weapons. The players must also collect stars, which are used to buy upgrades for their ship to make it stronger and survive the increasingly difficult levels.

The game’s controls are basic and easy to pick up – players can move their ship on the screen with the Vita’s analog stick and shoot their weapons by pressing the Circle button. Additionally, players can use bombs to eliminate enemies in a small radius and can be extremely helpful in tight situations.


Sky Force Anniversary ROM has stunning graphics, filled with vibrant colors and dynamic animations. The levels are well designed, with each level having a different background theme, varying from volcanoes to forests. The enemies are also well animated, and the game’s explosions and particle effects give it a realistic arcade-like feel.


The music in Sky Force Anniversary is fantastic. Each level’s music complements the level’s background theme, and the sound effects are spot on. The sound effects and music intensify as you progress through levels, giving you a sense of achievement and progress.


Sky Force Anniversary is a great game for anyone who enjoys arcade classics. It is a game that you can come back to after months or even years and enjoy as if you are playing it for the first time. The game has a huge replayability factor, with each level becoming more and more difficult than the previous one, and the upgrades and power-ups make the game more enjoyable.


In conclusion, Sky Force Anniversary is an excellent game that is worth your time and money. The gameplay is fun and challenging, and it’s graphics, sound, and replayability make it a game that you’ll keep coming back to. The game is a definite must-play, and the Sky Force Anniversary ROM on the PlayStation Vita is an excellent platform to experience this wonderful game.

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