Simpsons, The: Bart vs. The World

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July 8, 2023


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For most of us millennial kids of the ’90s, video games were some of the fondest memories we had as a child. We would spend hours playing video games with our friends or siblings, pushing buttons on a controller till we got blisters on our fingers. One game that comes to mind when reminiscing about those days is Simpsons: Bart vs. The World ROM for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

This platform game was developed by Imagineering for the NES back in 1991. It is based on the popular television show, The Simpsons, which had just aired its second season at the time. The game took players to five different locations across the world with Bart Simpson as the protagonist, who had to fight various villains and bosses along the way. Let’s take a look back at this classic game!

The Simpsons: Bart vs. The World ROM allows you to play as Bart Simpson, the mischievous boy of The Simpsons family, as he embarks on a journey across the globe in five different levels. The levels comprise a mix of side-scrolling action and navigating the environment – everything from running through the streets of Springfield and its sewers to taking a whirlwind tour of Egypt’s pyramids.

The game features boss battles in every level as well. The bosses include Patty and Selma Bouvier, Sideshow Bob, and even Krusty the Clown. Players have to develop their strategies to beat each boss, and it can end up being tricky.

One of the notable features of the game is the variety of power-ups that Bart can access, such as the invincibility star, a laser gun, and even a skateboard. These power-ups reinforce the players’ abilities and help them get past challenging obstacles.

The graphics of the game are excellent, and each of the environments is well-detailed, giving players an immersive experience. The musical score, which features the show’s iconic harmonica, adds a nostalgic touch to the game, creating an engaging and fun backdrop overall.

Overall, The Simpsons: Bart vs. The World ROM for Nintendo (NES) was an enjoyable game that we spent countless hours playing as children. With its engaging gameplay, challenging obstacles, and power-ups, it kept us entertained, and the nostalgia of the game still holds up to this day. It’s one of those classic games that you revisit once in a while to relive fond childhood memories. If you’re a fan of The Simpsons and are looking for a trip down memory lane, give this game a try!

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