If you love classic gaming and want to experience the nostalgia of playing SimCity 2000, now you can play it on your Gameboy Advance (GBA) with a ROM download! That’s right – you can now download the SimCity 2000 ROM and launch the game right from your GBA. It works with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, so no matter what device you’re using, you can get ready for some classic fun.

What is a ROM?

In order to understand how to download the SimCity 2000 ROM for your GBA, let’s first explain what a “ROM” is. A ROM is essentially an exact copy of a gaming console cartridge or disc stored as a computer file. This computer file contains all the data necessary to make the game run as if it were being played in its original form. The only difference is that instead of playing it on an original console like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), we’re playing it on our GBA.

Downloading & Playing SimCity 2000 On Your GBA

Once you have downloaded the ROM of your choice from a reliable source, there are two ways that you can play it on your GBA. The first option is to use an emulator, which is software that acts as a virtual game console allowing us to play any game we want without having to buy an original console or gaming cartridge. Emulators also give us access to games that may not be available for purchase anymore like SimCity 2000. All we need is the ROM and an emulator!
The second option is by using a flash cart or flash card—a device specifically designed for loading programs into memory chips inside consoles or handhelds such as Gameboys—which allows us to plug our device directly into our consoles and load up games without needing an emulator. These cards are easy-to-use and require no technical knowledge whatsoever, meaning anyone can do it!


Whether you choose to use an emulator or flash cart/card, downloading and playing SimCity 2000 on your GBA will be easy peasy! So don’t delay – start exploring all those classic cities today with this awesome retro game from yesteryear! With just one click of your mouse button and no technical knowledge needed at all, why wouldn’t you want experience this amazing classic? Start downloading now!

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