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Jan 24, 2024


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The gaming world has witnessed numerous revolutionary games over time, but some classics are eternal. Secret of Mana ROM PS4, released in 1993, was one of the defining games of its time, yet its essence remains unscathed even after almost three decades. And now, Secret of Mana is back in a modern avatar with its ROM version available on PS4. This classic action RPG game carries the nostalgia of the past yet appeals to the modern gamer with its updated graphics and various improvements. As a gamer, you might be curious about the Secret of Mana ROM on PS4, so here’s a review that will take you on a magical ride.

The World of Mana

Secret of Mana ROM PS4 takes the player into the enchanting world of Mana, where the plot revolves around three protagonists’ quest to save the world amidst various challenges. The game features an open-world environment with numerous areas to explore, each with its distinct charm. The ROM version has overhauled the graphics, making the world of Mana more vivid and beautiful.

Redefined Gameplay

The ROM version has various enhancements that make the gameplay much smoother, such as upgraded AI, better character progression, and a redesigned inventory system. The game has real-time combat, and the player can switch between characters on the fly, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. The weapon and magic system are fundamental elements of the gameplay, and the ROM version has made them more tactical and rewarding.

Addition of Multiplayer

Secret of Mana ROM PS4 is among the few classic RPGs that have multiplayer options. The ROM version features local multiplayer, where up to three players can join in and play together in split-screen mode. The multiplayer is integrated well into the gameplay, and players can strategize collaboratively to progress in the game.

Music and Sound Design

The Secret of Mana ROM PS4 was known for its memorable OST, and the ROM version has kept the original music. However, the sound design has been significantly improved, with better sound effects and voice-overs. The immersive music and sound effects add depth to the gameplay and make the world of Mana more alive.

New Game Plus

The Secret of Mana ROM PS4 version offers the New Game Plus mode, which allows the player to replay the game with their gear and stats intact. The mode also unlocks various new content, such as alternate endings and new game areas. The addition of New Game Plus extends the replayability of the game and allows the player to experience the journey in a different way.


In conclusion, the Secret of Mana ROM version on PS4 is an excellent tribute to the original game. The updated graphics and enhanced gameplay mechanics deliver a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience while preserving the original charm. The inclusion of local multiplayer and New Game Plus adds more value to the game and extends its longevity. So, if you have played the original game and want to revisit the magical world of Mana, or if you are new to the franchise and looking for a classic yet modern RPG game, give the Secret of Mana ROM version on PS4 a try. It is an adventure waiting to be explored!

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