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July 22, 2023


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Who doesn’t love playing the classic NES games? A favorite pastime of many, the Rampage game specifically has been enjoyed by gamers worldwide. The game, released in 1986, has been a classic that young and old alike have enjoyed throughout the years. The good news is that Rampage ROM download is available online, which means that you can now relive your childhood memories and enjoy the game all over again. In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Rampage ROM NES game download, including its features, gameplay, and how to download it.

What is Rampage ROM?

Rampage ROM is a classic NES game that was developed by Bally Midway in 1986. The game features a giant lizard, ape, and wolf, who rampage through cities and eat people, causing massive destruction. The game is known for its fun gameplay and has been a favorite for many for decades now. Rampage ROM NES game download allows you to relive the excitement and play the game for free on your computer.

Features of Rampage ROM

The Rampage ROM game comes with some exciting features, including:

The game has a multiplayer option, allowing you to play with a friend or sibling.
The game has easy-to-use controls, which makes it enjoyable even for novice gamers.
The game features different environments to destroy, including cities and buildings.
The game has different characters, each with unique abilities.
The game supports a range of platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

How to download Rampage ROM

Downloading Rampage ROM NES game is easy and straightforward. Head online to find a website that offers the ROM download, but ensure it’s an authentic site that doesn’t breach any copyright laws. Once you identify a secure website, follow the following steps:

On the homepage, click on the game download tab.
A dropdown menu will appear, providing you with the available gaming platforms options.
Click on the NES version.
The site will direct you to another page where you can click download to start the process.
An executable file will download automatically. You can then launch the file to play the game on your computer.


The Rampage ROM game features different characters, and each player gets to choose their avatar. Each character can throw punches, jump, smash, climb, and breathe fire to destroy their surroundings. Players also encounter enemies such as military tanks and planes and must avoid being shot down as much as possible. The game is pretty easy to play, making it a favorite for all gamers.


In conclusion, Rampage ROM NES game download allows you to relive your childhood memories with this classic game. It’s available on multiple platforms, making it easily accessible to everyone worldwide. So install your game and start playing, and remember, keep rampaging, destroying, and eating people till you win!

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