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Oct 6, 2023


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If you’re a football (or soccer) fan, then the Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 ROM PS4 (PES) game franchise needs no introduction. Developed and published by Konami, PES has been a favorite of gamers for more than two decades. Each year, Konami releases a new edition of the game with updated rosters, gameplay, and features. The 2017 edition, known as PES 2017, was released in September 2016. It is available on various platforms, including PlayStation 4 (PS4). In this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the PS4 ROM of PES 2017 and see if it lives up to expectations.

First, let’s begin with the graphics. PES 2017 has been praised for its superb graphics, and the PS4 version takes it up a notch. The character models are highly-detailed with realistic facial expressions and body movements. The stadiums are also beautifully rendered, and the lighting effects are top-notch. Everything from the grass texture to the individual blades of grass is incredibly detailed. Overall, the graphics are a visual treat, and you’ll feel like you’re watching a real football match.

The gameplay of PES 2017 ROM PS4 is also impressive. The controls are intuitive, and the players’ movements are fluid and natural. The ball physics are realistic, and the gameplay is slower-paced compared to its rival FIFA. This gives the game a more strategic feel where you need to plan your moves and passes carefully. The AI is also smart, and you’ll need to use different tactics and strategies to beat challenging opponents. The only downside is that the game’s difficulty level spikes up in the later stages, and winning becomes more difficult.

The game modes in PES 2017 are pretty standard. You have the exhibition mode, which allows you to play a quick match against the AI or a friend. Then, there’s the ‘Become a Legend’ mode where you create a player and guide them through their football career. The Master League mode is where you manage a team in a league and try to win the title. The licensed teams and leagues are fewer than FIFA, but the game makes up for it with an extensive editing suite where you can create your own teams and players.

One of the significant features of PES 2017 ROM PS4 is the online multiplayer mode. It allows you to play against other players from all over the world. The net code is stable, and the matches are smooth with little to no lag. You can also participate in weekly tournaments and compete for the top spot in the leaderboards. The only issue is that the player base is smaller compared to FIFA, so finding opponents might take longer.

In conclusion, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 ROM PS4 is an excellent football game that offers a realistic and enjoyable experience. The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is solid, and the online multiplayer is fun. While it lacks some of the licensed teams and leagues that FIFA has, it more than makes up for it with its editing suite. Overall, PES 2017 is a must-play for football fans and gamers who want a more strategic and immersive gaming experience.

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