Power Rangers: Super Legends

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Jun 5, 2022


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Are you a fan of the iconic 90s show, Power Rangers? Looking to unleash your inner superhero in a way that’s entertaining and challenging? Look no further than the Power Rangers: Super Legends ROM for Nintendo DS (NDS). This game is packed full of features, levels, and tasks that will have you battling evil forces while protecting Earth from destruction. Let’s take a closer look at what this classic game has to offer.

Game Features

The Power Rangers: Super Legends ROM for NDS includes 20 levels as well as 14 missions. Each mission is unique and tests your knowledge of the original series as you battle villains like Goldar and Scorpina. The game also includes side quests such as items to collect or puzzles to solve that will increase your score. As you progress through each level, you can unlock new characters such as Rito Revolto and Lord Zedd who will help strengthen your team by providing their unique abilities. Additionally, there are 5 difficult boss battles that require strategy and skill. You’ll also be able to switch between five different Ranger teams while playing in order to get an advantage against certain enemies.


The graphics in this game are impressive considering it was released in 2007 on an older console like the NDS. Whether you’re playing on a TV screen or on a handheld device, the vibrant colors bring life to the characters and give them depth. The villains look menacing yet cartoonish enough so they don’t seem too scary for younger players – making this game suitable for all ages!

Multiplayer Mode

The best part about this game is its multiplayer mode which allows two users to connect their consoles wirelessly or via LAN connection so they can play together online or locally. It also allows up to four players to join in one session which makes it even more fun! Additionally, if someone wants to join but does not have their own console connected, they can use a downloaded copy of the same ROM file instead – giving everyone access to an identical version of the game so there’s no unfair advantage!


All-in-all, the Power Rangers: Super Legends ROM for NDS is truly something special! With its exciting levels full of action-packed adventures, vibrant graphics that make each character come alive, and multiplayer mode which allows up to four players – this game is sure to be hours upon hours of entertainment that any fan of power rangers would enjoy! So what are you waiting for? Unite your power rangers team and get ready for some serious fighting against evil forces! Good luck!

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