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May 17, 2023




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Pokemon is a game that never gets old; it has been around for over two decades and will undoubtedly last for many more years. Pokemon Nova Sun ROM is one of the exciting innovations in the franchise that has sparked the imagination of players. This game is compatible with Nintendo 3DS and offers a whole new world of Pokemon to discover. If you’re a Pokemon enthusiast looking to play Pokemon Nova Sun ROM, this article is for you. Read along as we explore everything you need to know about this game.

Getting Started

Before you can download and play Nova Sun ROM, you need to have a Nintendo 3DS with custom firmware. The custom firmware is crucial because it makes it possible to load games and homebrew apps to your 3DS. You’ll also need a microSD card to store the game files. Once you have all these, follow the guide on the Nova Sun ROM website to download and install the game.

Features of Nova Sun ROM

Nova Sun ROM enhances the gameplay of the original Pokemon Sun game with numerous new features. One of the exciting features is that all Pokemon that are captured in the game have six perfect IVs. Additionally, all Pokemon gyms, trainers, and bosses have had their parties rebalanced to provide a fair and engaging gaming experience.

Differences Between Nova Sun ROM and Pokemon Sun

Nova Sun ROM is a modification of the original Pokemon Sun game. The modifications include the addition of 730 Pokemon species, new capabilities, new moves, and new abilities. Another difference between the two games is that the Nova Sun ROM is significantly more challenging.


Nova Sun ROM is compatible with any system that can run custom firmware if you’re playing it on a Nintendo 3DS. The game is also compatible with the Citra emulator, which is a Nintendo 3DS emulator for playing on your PC. This makes it possible to play the game on devices that don’t support Nintendo 3DS.


Pokemon Nova Sun ROM is a fantastic addition to the Pokemon franchise, bringing a new world of Pokemon to discover. The game is compatible with Nintendo 3DS and Citra emulator, making it easily accessible to players. With the information in this article, you now have everything you need to know about Nova Sun ROM to decide whether to download and play it or not.

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