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Jun 5, 2022


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Do you enjoy the challenge of problem-solving and puzzles? Then we have just the game for you! With Picross 3D ROM Download for Nintendo DS (NDS), your brain will be working overtime as you find solutions and overcome obstacles.

Overview of Picross 3D for Nintendo DS

Uncover the hidden pictures in Picross 3D, Nintendo and HAL Laboratory’s innovative take on the classic nonogram puzzle game! Test your logic skills as you remove blocks from a three-dimensional object to reveal what lies beneath. The sequel to the original Picross game releases exclusively for the Nintendo DS console – pick up your copy today and see how far you can go!

Gameplay and Features

Ready to challenge your brain? With Picross 3D, you’ll be presented with block-shaped objects bearing numbers that indicate the amount of blocks in each row or column – and it’s up to you to chip away until you uncover the hidden object. This highly stimulating game boasts over 350 puzzles ranging from simple to strenuous; divided into categories based on difficulty level, all of which must be conquered before advancing through levels. Get ready for a delightfully challenging experience!

Unlock your creative potential with Picross 3D’s custom puzzle editor! With this remarkable feature, you can craft a unique challenge of any size and shape. Just choose the dimensions and numbers on each face – then save or share it online with other players who are eager to test their skills. Don’t just play – create breathtaking puzzles that others will be amazed by!

Playing Picross 3D ROM on an Emulator

To play the exhilarating Nintendo DS game, Picross 3D, you’ll need a compatible console. But don’t worry if you don’t have access to one – with an emulator and ROM file download, gamers can still experience this thrilling title on their computer or mobile device! Simply download your desired emulator and then nab the game’s ROM file – the former will allow players to run Picross 3D ROM whilst the latter is actually its content. With these two tools together in your kitbag, gaming success awaits!

It’s critical to bear in mind that downloading ROM files is considered illegal piracy and is prohibited by law in numerous nations. For this justification, gamers should only download ROMs if they own the physical game or it has fallen into public domain status.

Final Thoughts

Picross 3D is the ultimate game for nonogram fans, with its engaging gameplay, captivating aesthetics and expansive puzzle library! Not to mention players can create their own custom puzzles or share them online – granting it a virtually infinite amount of playability. For those wanting to enjoy this classic on their chosen device, playing the ROM version through an emulator can be done safely and responsibly provided that only legal files are downloaded.

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